The Secret of Isabel - Ch 3-7

Chapter 3


Walking though the crowded halls was difficult but Isabel got to the form room. Inside, all tables were full except for one, where she decided to sit at alone. A few minutes later two girls walked though the door and started to walk towards her. “Hey! My name is Kitty and this is Kathryn,” said Kitty who was a tall girl with shoulder length hair and Kathryn was a short girl with blonde long hair and light blue glasses. “So, what is your name?” asked Kathryn with a voice that sounded like she had sucked in some helium.

“My name is Isabel,” she replied. “I am new here,”

“Ah! I wondered why i had never seen you before,” said Kitty in a surprised tone.

Ms. Otter walked into the crowded room. “Everybody please sit down for registration!” The room fell quiet. As Kitty sat next to Isabel, Kathryn raised her hand. “Ms. Otter!”

“Yes, Kathryn?”

“Isabel doesn’t have her books,” Kathryn said in her high-pitched voice.

“Right. Can you get those for her, she has the same timetable as you.”

Kathryn got up and selected the books she would need as Ms.Otter started registration. Registration finished and they all stood up and Kathryn grabbed her hand. “Ok, you need to go to history. You will find May who is part of our group and tell her you are new.”

“Where do I go?” asked Isabel.

“It is the class room down the hallway near stair 204,” Kathryn replied. “I have to go, I have History.”

Isabel walked out of the classroom to put her books away and her locker was very crowded with all the books. Grabbing her History book, her pencil case and her iPad that she had just being given, she closed her locker.

Chapter 4


Walking into an empty classroom is strange but the teacher greeted her nicely. “ Hello Isabel, my name is Mr Hummingbird and I will be your history teacher. Your seat is right over there,” he pointed to a seat on the middle of the room. “Thank you sir,” Isabel replied before sitting down. Soon enough, people started to come into the classroom and in the crowd she saw May and the two girls from this morning. May came over to introduce herself, “ Hi! My name is May.” She said in a cheerful tone. “Kitty told me to meet you.”

“Well then, hello, I am Isabel,”

As Isabel was about to continue the teacher interrupted.

“Hello class!” his voice was loud but kind, “ My name is Mr. Stamford.I will be arranging a seating plan.” The class groaned as he called out their names then their partners name. Sadly, Isabel didn’t get to sit next to May. She sat next to...Abbie.

The class started and they were to told to write the title. “Wow that is a long title,” thought Isabel and most of the class. Their title was “Learning Objective: Understand how historians and archeologists use clues to learn about the past, explain how they find evidence from the clues, and analyse why it is possible to study the same clues and get different answers about the past.” Isabel thought this was a bit over the top but the lesson that the teacher taught was very rememberable because of how Mr. Stamford exaggerated every move. But, Abbie kept pulling Isabel’s hair and pushing over her stuff. Isabel thought nothing of it. Then the bell rang to end first period. As she left the class Mr. Stamford asked a question regarding the lesson. Isabel walked to her locker and got her snack and her equipment for the next two lessons.

Chapter 5

A Creative morning

Isabel sat on the benches by the ping-pong tables with her new friends. May was a girl with average height and thick black hair (and a fringe) She wore a white jumper and denim jeans, then she met Lauren who was a perky girl with long blonde hair, a pink t-shirt with bows on it and a long flowing skirt. Finally, she met Gabriella ( she said to just call her Gabbie), who wore blue shorts

with a pink jacket and a white t-shirt. Isabel was told by them that they wore similar things every day which was a delight to Isabel who and about three outfits that she wore.

Isabel had art for second period. She was ready even though she was a bad artist because she found it in some way the only time she was peaceful and the voices in her head settled down and she felt proud. “Good morning students,” came a booming voice from the art teacher. “My name is Mrs. Jade-Jewel and I will be your art teacher!” Mrs. Jade-Jewel handed out the sketch books. As the teacher set Isabel’s book down she felt a sudden force pull her off her chair. Looking up her vision was blurry and her head hurt. “ Isabel are you okay?” Kitty , who as sitting next to her, asked in a worried tone.

“I’m fine,” Isabel replied as she rubbed her head.

“Who did this?” asked Mrs Jade-Jewel. “Kitty, can you take her to the nurse’s office please,” “Yes, Mrs,” Kitty started to walk to the door.

“Really, I’m fine,” Isabel said. “My brother has hit me a lot harder,”

“Fine, but I will tell your next teacher to let you go if you feel dizzy,” Mrs. Jade-Jewel said. Isabel thought Mrs. Jade-Jewel’s actions were arational but she didn't know that she couldn’t feel the consequences. After a long period of sketching a pose-able doll the bell finally rang and the class walked out and Kitty helped take Isabel to Drama.

“Hello, my beautiful, wonderful people of the arts,” spoke a dramatic voice, “ My name is Ms. Mimeses and I will be your outstanding drama teacher for this year.” The class looked surprised to see how energetic Ms. Mimeses was. The class proceeded as Isabel had thought, but she had a huge disadvantage. Their first topic was Miming and Isabel first thought was, “Oh great,” because

a normal person would use their emotions to help them but Isabel had to copy her peers to get close. She saw their stereotypical emotions for words and stored them in her more logical mind. As a normal child almost every teen would be in a more fantasy world. Isabel lived every day in a more mature adult word where everything is or is not real and there are two sides. For their first project they would have to create a silent movie in groups. Isabel hated group work because it is easier by yourself, what made this even worse is that she was assigned a group with all boys (which she didn’t mind) and they were all people that she didn’t know. First there was this guy who was friendly. His name was Nough but everyone called him “Donut”. He had black hair, tan colored skin and wore a simple outfit. Then, there was Zack who was a chill guy and then the slightly nosy Timothy who supposedly knew everything about everyone.

“Hey Isabel,” Timothy said

“Yes?” Isabel said in a snippy tone because she was writing the script.

“Did you know that Chris Righton likes you,” he replied in an almost giddy tone and Isabel felt something...fear for the first time in forever. She was scared because she trusted nobody so she was scared of love.

“Well, maybe if I meet him I will feel the same,” Isabel replied in an almost scared tone,

“What a good idea. I will show you to him.” Timothy seemed exited. The project continued as normal. The bell rang and Timothy grabbed Isabel’s wrist and started to drag her to her locker.

Chapter 6

Lunch and lesson

“Throw your stuff in your locker and I will meet you downstairs,” Timothy said with great excitement. Isabel was still confused and scared. “I just had my first emotion in five years” was what was running though her mind. After she had carefully put her books away she went to the canteen, grabbed a sandwich and walked over to Timothy. Timothy was sitting with another guy, Kitty, Kathryn, May, Gabbie and Lauren. “Hey Is, how is your head,” Gabbie asked.

“Good, I guess,” Isabel said. “I can’t hold it in anymore! This is a huge secret and you need to never tell anyone.” Everyone in the group except Timothy and his friend were listening. “You see, I have no emotions, well, I had no emotions but today I felt my first emotion in five years... fear. I am afraid of love.” Everyone looked shocked.

“That is ... cool!” Lauren said excitedly, but she could tell that Chris was staring at Isabel. “Ha ha Chris, your ‘Girlfriend’ is so cute right!”

“Hey!” Chris said in a sweet yet angry voice.

“Oh yes,” Isabel said under her breath, “my name is Isabel,”

“Chris,” he replied as they shook hands, “ Just so you know you are very cute,” Isabel smiled wishing she could feel happiness. The group ate lunch and went out to play. The guys went off to play table-tennis and the girls went to sit down.They seemed to have forgotten everything Isabel had said. “Is’! Why did you, when we were eating lunch, stare at your food and murmur to yourself, then randomly say ‘I might one day get a service dog?’” Lauren asked. Isabel was confused. “My secret is safe,” she thought. She gave no answer, but just shrugged.

After a long lunch break they went into their homeroom and had PSHE. They learnt how much their bag should weight and how much stuff they should take home. Then the teacher dismissed them and let them leave for last lesson which was ICT.

The ICT room was in the main building so Kitty, Kathryn and Isabel walked to the ICT room. They all sat down at a desk and opened the lid. Inside there was a laptop, and a raising stand to make the laptop higher. They logged on and were told they were making presentations on our favorite animal. The first animal to come to mind for Isabel was a Siberian Husky, because it was the dog that she might be getting, but that is a story for later. After being given instructions she started her project and almost finished, but not quite, even though most only had finished one slide. Mr. B congratulated Isabel with a merit point that he wrote in her planner. She couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching her. To her disbelief she learnt that Millie and Abbie were both in her

form. The whole class left for buses and Mr. B left to after Isabel said she had to clean up her stuff. “Hey Isa-something!”, Millie called out to Isabel as she was about to leave the classroom. “We saw you and your little friend group at lunch today.”

“And why are you telling me this?” Isabel replied.

“Because they are beautiful and talented people,” Abbie said snakily.

“And them sitting with you is social suicide, I mean, look in the mirror,” Millie added on,

“We’re thin, your chubby,” Abbie had started something and Isabel could feel it.

“We’re tan, your pale,” Millie joined in.

“We wear designer clothes, you wear ugly hand-me-downs.” Any normal person would have told them to stop at this point but not Isabel,

“We’re pretty and you’re not,” Millie felt satisfaction saying this.

“I have an idea,” Abbie said, reaching for a pair of scissors and tape. “Millie and take her with you,” “I know what you’re thinking,” Millie winked.

Chapter 7

Why does school end?

Slowly, Isabel was dragged to the six form study room. “So, you may be wondering why you are here.” Abbie said as she tied Isabel to the chair. “Call your parents and say you have a project and are staying over at a friends house.” For some reason Isabel thought that by doing this Abbie would be satisfied. After she made the call she felt a sudden yank from behind.

“Your hair is weird,” Millie said with a laugh.

“You told me that this morning,” Isabel replied.

“Being smart are ya?” Abbie tied Isabel’s hair so tight it hurt, including her side bang.

“I have been waiting for this all day.” Millie looked almost giddy. Snip! From the bottom corner of her jaw to the edge of her lip, there was now a cut. Not deep enough to cause too much damage but deep enough for blood to trail down her neck.

“You’re not laughing now are you?” Abbie asked as Isabel shook her head as she stared then in the eyes. She felt it hurt more than this morning. “We’ve got to go but you have to find a way to explain this to your ‘mummy’ and ‘ daddy’,” Abbie said insultingly. They left the room with Isabel tied to the chair.

Slowly, Isabel escaped from the tape. Finally she was free and heading to the door. Then she stopped. “I cannot go outside like this,” she thought. After a minute of thinking she tied her hair to the side to cover the cut, washed her neck to remove the blood and put on her hood. The cut was unseen. She walked to her bike and started to ride home. After she passed a shop she went inside. Looking around she found a black cat mask that covered up the nose. Perfect!