Year 7 Residential trip - Yangshuo

It is that time of year again, residential. The students in year 7

are buzzing with excitement. Sadly after typhoon Manghut we

had to change our trip and the new destination was, Yangshuo.

After packing our bags and taking a relaxing weekend to rest

we were ready.

Day 1 Travel

The first day was traveling and we all were slowly nibbling on

our lunches with our bus buddies. We learnt that however many

song, games and naps you have you will always end up bored.

After a 6-7 bus ride we got of to meet the Indier staff.

We stoped, got our bags, went to the bathroom and got onto

different smaller buses to get to the hotel. After arrival we

dropped our bags in a lobby and met up with our leaders ( this

review is from perspective of group 2 , Maggie and Ms. Clark).

We played games and got to know our leaders. After dinner we

grabbed our bags met our roommate and went into one of the

three hotels. After organizing our things for tomorrow everyone

had a shower and went straight to sleep.

Day 2 Camping, Orienteering, Zip-lining and Abseiling

Most people woke up at six and got dressed. We got our

camping stuff together for tonight. Then we went down to meet

our leaders. After having a delicious breakfast we set off to Zip-

lining and Abseiling but before that we had to drop our stuff at

the campsite.

We started to climb up the mountain to get to Treasure cove.

After we were up there we got on a harness and zip lined to the

other side around 30 meters off the ground. Then when you

arrived there you would have to Abseil down the side ,which at

that point was about 40 meters , to reach the bottom. It was an

exhilarating experience, one of a lifetime.

After that we went back to the campsite to do orienteering with

was very fun. In groups we split up to hide prices of paper

around the field and using a compass marking how far away in

which direction was the next piece of paper. When we finished it

was time to set up camp before our roommate came.

Slowly, tents started to appear fully built but as we were halfway

though it started to rain. We worked faster and finished all the

tents. Our roommates arrived and we got ready to cook. After

splitting into small groups we cooked pasta and it was delicious

even though between 5 people one more pack of sauce might

have been needed. With full bellies we went back to our tents

and had a cold sleep as the rain continued but that was not the

worst because some people needed the bathroom and that is a

cold wet walk ( or run) to the bathroom in the pitch black.

Day 3 Hiking, Climbing

Waking up in the morning was very uncomfortable. Unlike the

first night last night we slept on the floor and a sleeping mat

didn’t make much difference. We all backed our bags but not

the tents because the next group would be sleeping this night.

We would have to walk back to the restaurant to earn our

breakfast. After breakfast we started to go hiking.

Hiking was beautiful because we were in an area were there

was no buildings and no people. The mountains were gorgeous.

This hike was about 2 hours long but we were not done yet

because we would still have to go climbing at the Swis-cheese


One by one we had to climb up the uneven rock face. Most

people reached the top and got to see the beautiful view. After

we had finished and eaten the lunches we packed this morning

after breakfast we went back to the hotel.

At the hotel we had been given new rooms. In the main hotel

the rooms were bigger but still small. Dinner was delicious as it

had been every night then we went back to our rooms and went

to bed.

Day 4 Biking , Caving

It is the final day. To start the day we all ate an amazing

breakfast and got ready to have the best day of the trip. We

buckled on our helmets and got ready to go biking.

Most people could ride a bike so be had no problems there so

we all practiced beforehand so we were comfortable on our

bikes. Then we got ready to start the ride. First we made a loop

then started going down a slightly uneven path. Then we

continued until we were back at the area were we had arrived

on the first day. We took a short walk and went to grab our

things for caving.

When it came to caving we had to all had head torches before

we ventured into the darkness. We all felt cold because the

water was icy but we were ready. After looking at all of the

stalactites and shapes they form we got to the mud pool and

got to walk past the year6’s on our way. As there were people at

the pool we got to go to the underground river. This river

involved a lot of climbing and helping each and helped in

building team bonds. After and exiting caving experience we got

to go back to the hotel and got cleaned up.

After cleaning up, we got ready for the BBQ. We went

downstairs and met with our group leaders. In our group we

split into groups of of 5-6 and got one person to get our food.

We all cooked our food and ate everything. When we had

finished we had one last game with our group leaders. After that

it was time to pack before tomorrow.

Day 5 Coming home

Waking up was sad for some because that meant we had to

leave Yangzhou, we had our last breakfast then went to a place

with a nice background for a group photo. After that it was time

for the first bus which took around ten minutes . Then we got

our lunches and got onto then bus. On some busses it was

quite but most were loud with riddles, singing, games and

talking. Most had a nap after the busy week and happy that we

would soon see our parents. After the long ride we arrived at

school , collected our passports and walked out with our



This residential taught most how to care for themselves by

themselves and how to cook and how to be responsible.

Residential is a very exiting time for most and nearly everyone

loves have a bit of time to do fun activities and be with their