Year 10 Residential Trip - Beijing

Back in mid-October, Year 10 visited Baihe, located approximately 70 kilometers from China's capital, Beijing. This year, there are some team building games (I love it!), local village scavenger hunt and the most exciting activity this year: The Great Wall Hike. Throughout the week, I think that these activities thought me a lot of new lessons that I have not known or understand it in the past.

At first, I thought the team building games were always the same as the previous trips, but this year, our instructor introduced a game, which the rules are without letting away your partner's arm and sitting down on the ground, both of you have to help each other to stand up without your hands. While I was thinking about how to assist my partner, he immediately knew what to do, which worked very well, and therefore we managed to get up rapidly. At that time, I found that if any of us did not work together as a team, we would not get the chance to complete the task.

The next day, our group went to a local village for another activity: the scavenger hunt. We split into different teams, and each is assigned a route and answer the questions given. Everyone followed the instructions and started their task. Initially, my group was doing well, but when we started to get too confident and when we are finishing the route, we suddenly lost our way back to the origin, and we started struggling to make decisions. Along the way, we saw different groups, also find it difficult to finish the tasks given, and some even decided to give up. However, all of my group members communicate well with each other, therefore after 15 minutes our teamwork finally paid off. We found the origin, which is very near where we thought it was. Again, cooperation between you and the people you work with is a vital part of this activity.

However, the previous activities were only a warm-up. The Thursday morning, the most exciting yet most challenging bit of the trip has come - The Great Wall Hike. Our instructor told us that although the hike would be very tough, however, if the group communicates well, everything left will be the enjoyment at that time. I did not fully understand before the hike, but my opinion changed entirely after the climb.

We started the hike with a gentle walk through the trees, but when an hour passed, things became harder. The steepness increased dramatically and therefore, some of us struggled to catch up. For me who is always staying at the front of the team,

I managed to hike up and arrived at a flat area first. I try my best to help my group by encouraging them and giving them tips on where to step on the slope. After 10 minutes, with each other's encouragement and communication, the entire team managed to arrive at the meeting point, which is a lot faster than we thought it's going to take. We continued our hike and arrived at the Wild Great Wall. When we are walking there, the small stones and unfixed areas had reduced the grip, which makes it challenging to move through the area. Again, we communicate with each other, giving warnings and precautions throughout the region. Despite there are people who slipped over, but communication helps avoiding more people from falling over. We then finally walk on a decent road and arrived at the campsite. After the hike, I then clearly understood what my instructor told us earlier before: communication makes the hike a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Overall, the biggest lesson that I truly learned during this residential trip is teamwork. If there is no cooperation between each other, there is no way that our trip can be so

smooth and stick to the plan. Also, teamwork can build more trust between our partners, which must be very beneficial to everyone. The last thing to say, I cannot wait to go for next year's trip and perhaps learn more from it!