The Secret of Isabel


Isabel is a very special girl and she is very different from a normal eleven year old in—fact she is not like anyone on Earth. What nobody sees is that she has a great secret that leaves her empty. You see, Isabel has no emotions. She has a younger brother named Oscar who does not know of her pain. Her family is a mess with her mother (Jane) and her father (Graham) not seeing eye to eye so the fight often yet they don’t know how their bickering hurts their daughter. That is, it did before she lost her feeling and now she feels nothing. And this is her story...

Chapter 1

Morning Pains

Isabel woke up early, so she could get ready to go to school. She got dressed into her black hoodie, washed-out jeans and red Converses. Luckily, her new school lets students wear their own clothes. She walked downstairs to see her mother cooking breakfast. The family ate the same thing nearly ever day, eggs on toast, so Isabel expected nothing different. Even though, Isabel stepped lightly her mother heard her, “Good morning!” Jane said softly.

“Morning,” Isabel said in a dull tone, “Where’s Dad?”

“Oh yes! I forgot to tell you that your father has moved out,” Jane said is a more cheerful tone.

“What?!” Isabel tried to sound surprised and mad because that is what she supposed others would react with. The conversation ended there and Isabel sat down for breakfast and when she finished she went and woke her brother.

Isabel thinks the worst part of the day is when she wakes her brother, Oscar. This is because he tends to kick and scratch her. “Wake up,” Isabel said harshly. Whoosh. Her brother’s hand scratched her arm and created a red mark. Even though it hurt she did not react and just pulled off the covers then got out some clothes for him. Oscar got up then got dressed before going downstairs to eat his breakfast. Isabel went out the door and got onto her bike. In the hot wind she rode down to school. This school was called ‘The Greatest International School of Guangzhou’ and the only reason she decided that she should go there was there was an anti-bullying policy, yet she wold soon learn that those words mean nothing and her life was about to get more difficult than it already was.

Chapter 2

Before The Bell Rang

Riding into the parking area, Isabel wondered what the students would be like at her new school. Even though she knew she was different she knew that this was now more of a secret than it was before. She was ready but acted scared because she needed to look new and in need because she thought that is normal for a new student.

Walking down the hallway, students where nowhere to be seen because it as not the start of the day. Isabel found the library and sat down. “ I have fifteen minutes to waste,” Isabel thought, but soon enough a woman with average height and white curly hair walked down the hall. “Hello my dear,” she spoke in a soft voice,

“Hello,” Isabel said trying to sound unsure and confused. It worked to some extent.

“Oh! Silly me,” the woman said to herself, My name is Ms. Ally Otter but you should call me Ms.Otter.”

Remembering her manners Isabel replied, “That is a very nice name. My name is Isabel Tiplady,” “Well Isabel, I think you are in my form and you should probably get to your locker and go to the room.”

“I am sorry but I am new and don’t know where things are,” Isabel was using all of her thoughts to try and match her emotions.

Ms. Otter looked at her sheet then said: “I will show you,” then she started to walk down the hall. She stopped at the locker ‘V5’ ad gave her a blue lock, “Use this to lock your locker and use the year you were born but remove one zero. Your form class is 7AO and is class S209 and here is your timetable.” Then Ms. Otter walked away. Isabel looked down at her time table for the day:


8:00-8:15 : Registration- Homeroom

8:20-9:30 : Mon- History 204

9:30-9:50 : Break- Outside

9:50-11:00 : Mon- Art 103

11:05-12:15 : Mon- Drama Theatre

12:15-13:05 : Lunch- Canteen

13:05-13:35: PSHE- Homeroom

13:40-14:50 : Mon-ICT ICT1

14:55-15:50 : Home-time

Isabel put her bag in her locker and set her lock. When she had finished she saw two girls walking down the hall. “ Hey! You with the dyed hair!” shouted the taller girl. “My name is Abbie. By the way your hair is so weird.”

“My name is Isabel,” she replied, not even thinking about what she was saying.

“Well I guess you're new, and this is Millie,” Abbie pointed to the stronger looking girl next to her, “and why didn’t you react when I said your hair was weird?”

“Well first of all my hair is natural except from the tips and I have no em-,” Isabel stoped because she knew that from the expensive looking outfits that they were the popular kids, “Well good luck because next time I will have my whole group and they WILL get you to talk,” Abbie said before walking away with a sway in her step.

“Well she has something against me,” Isabel thought.

The bell rang and sound filled the halls.