Are We All Living In a Simulation?

As humans, we are unable to experience the true nature of the universe, unfiltered. Our brain is only designed in a way that we are able to process a tiny fraction of the world. As a result, we have to use concepts and tools to learn about the true nature of reality. And this is where technology comes in...

Technology has not only greatly widened our understanding of the universe, it has also shed light on many unsettling possibilities. In the future, it might be possible to simulate entire universes with a supercomputer. Assuming that it is an option, how do we know that it hasn’t already happened? What if we are not creators, but creations? Is it possible that we are not real, and are not even aware?

If our understanding of physics is correct, simulating an entire universe would be practically impossible; with its trillions and trillions of intricacies. But we don’t actually need to, anyways, we only need enough universe to fool the inhabitants residing in it. Who needs billions of galaxies? The 'universe', the vast universe, could just be a flat projection, and there would be no way of us finding out.

When using a microscope, what we see could be created instantly. And it's the same with atoms — the chair you’re sitting on right now does not need to be simulated with quadrillions of atoms, we just need the outer layer of it. It might be empty, until you decide to break it open, that is. Your body might feel like it is filled with bubbly things, but it might be empty, until you open it.

The only requirement for a simulated universe is the consciousness of the virtual humans; we need only to make them think the simulation is real.

So why do we experience déjà vu? Is it a glitch in the simulation we’re living in? Maybe. All we can do is to try to live good lives and enjoy our experience in this world. However, if we are indeed simulations in a supercomputer, let’s hope that no one trips over the power cable…

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