Social Media: Good or Bad (Pt 1)

Electronics have become a big part of our lives, and with that, social media. Every year, we rely more and more on social media, whether it is to chat with our friends or to browse through different pictures that others share. It is clear that the demand for internet access is rapidly increasing. According to research, an average internet user spends 135 minutes per day online. However, although social media indeed has a lot of advantages, it also comes with many disadvantages as well. With that said, different people have different opinions on whether or not they think social media is bad, and different reasons supporting their points. Nevertheless, before jumping to any conclusions, you should analyse some points from both sides in order to make a fair and reasonable statement.

One of the first advantages that comes to mind is the ability to contact friends from around the world. Social media allows people to communicate anywhere as long as they have an accessible internet connection. It is even possible for people to text or talk to people from outside of this world. It takes from approximately 4 minutes to 21 minutes for a radio signal to be delivered to Mars from Earth, although the exact time varies depending on the distance between the source and the receiver. Nevertheless, it is still possible to communicate to someone 54.6 million kilometres (which is the closest distance Mars could even get to Earth) away. This is quite fascinating, especially when you consider that the diameter of Earth is only 12,742 km.

The use of social media could make gathering data in methods such as surveys much easier. It takes much less time to fill in an online survey than a paper based one. This makes collecting data much faster and efficient since people would prefer to spend little time on filling in a form. People would be more willing to fill in a short survey than a long one, especially when there's nothing they can gain by doing the survey. By making shorter surveys, you could gather more results from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, web based surveys contain pre-made templates which are mostly free to use. Paper based surveys, however, require a cost for printing and possibly designing. By using social media, it would benefit both students and marketers that are trying to gather information from a large group of individuals.

Social media had changed from just being somewhere where you could make friends with others to much, much more than that. It had influence our lives in many ways, good and bad. Whether it is used for research, marketing or just for fun in general, social media is very useful for our daily routines. It contains many benefits for people of all ages and it could help to make doing a certain task easier. However, the many advantages of social media also come with many disadvantages, some of which I would explain in a future part. In the meantime, enjoy what social media has brought to you and stay tuned for part two!

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