Primary Book Week

The glorious week of book week had arrived. With dress-ups, book doors and more. This year the two authors that will be attending this year are Clive PiG and Adam Bushel and what a ball we had with them!

Monday: On Monday morning we walked into our classes ready for the most fun packed week of the year. We went to the theatre were we met the Authors Clive PiG and Adam Bushall. They performed stories and engaged the audience. We were all sad to have to leave and return to our usual classes, but luckily there was more fun to come...

Tuesday: Walking into school on Tuesday was comfortable because we were all wearing our pyjamas. People started to work on their book doors. When snuggle-up and read happened everyone got comfortable and read, as well as this we drank hot chocolate and ate biscuits. When the day ended everyone was steaming.

Wednesday: In the morning we came into school ( in our uniform) and went to a class lesson with Clive PiG or Adam Bushall. They told stories and taught us how to make a simple story. For the rest of the day people started to finish their book doors.

Thursday: On Thursday we all finished our book doors and the judges came round.

Friday: On Friday we all came dressed as our favourite book character. We went to and assembly where they announced the winners of the reading competition that had taken place at lunch times all week, the dress up competition and the book door competition. The winning dress up competition for the boys was… Shan from 6A who came literally as the 56-Storey treehouse front cover and for the girls… Harriet from 6C who came dressed as the Queen of Hearts. For the book door Ms Stather’s class won.

This week was a blast and if you ask anyone they will say that they had fun. The authors were great story tellers and would be welcome back any day.

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