Life is a journey,

An incomparable journey,

A fusion of ups and downs,

Tears and smiles,

Love and hate,

Break-ups and relationships.

Despite all of this,

There are some special people we meet in life,

Those unforgettable, lovely people who leave their exquisite footprints on your heart,

They were never meant to be in your life permanently,

But being part just temporarily, they teach you valuable lessons which no-one else can.

Be thankful for those beautiful hearts, you’ll look back and love them more than today.

Life is a wonderful marriage of the deadening darkness and the lovely light,

You have to learn to appreciate both,

Smile with the tears in your eyes during the dark days,

And cry with the smile on your face when the light shines.

Life gives you a chance to smile,

A chance to cry,

A chance to be jealous of others,

A chance to love and feel true love.

Cherish all those chances and never regret any of them,

Because at the end, those chances shape you.

Life blesses you with a few astonishing people,

Friends who teach you to love yourself in your low times,

Friends who love you for who you are,

Friends who love your weirdness and your inner beauty,

Friends who defend you in your absence,

Friends who are true friends.

Life presents you with a few devastating decisions,

Decisions that break you to the core,

Decisions that make you feel like you would rather commit suicide.

But these decisions divert you from the good things and show the better ones,

Ones that will make the flower bloom in your heart.

Your life should be full of smiles,

Smiles that cover-up all the tears,

Tears that reflect all your scars,

Scars that make you- you.

Life is a like person,

A person who can make you feel worthless sometimes,

But during those times you have to reassure yourself that you’re good enough for everyone,

However, everyone won’t notice your inner beauty you have to learn to shine even during the dark days,

You have to learn to imitate the sun and shine even when no-one’s looking at you.

You have to notice the collateral beauty, this is a part of your unique journey.

This journey will surpass all the journeys,

This journey is the most magnificent journey you will have experienced,

This journey is priceless,

This is journey is life.