There are a lot of hackers out there that could either hack your phone, iPad, computer, or all of the above if they wanted to. Maybe you think that all hackers are bad people, but there are all different kinds of hackers too! Like white, gray, and black hackers. White hackers are the good kind because they help you. They can help you to keep your data safe from bad hackers. If a bad hacker hacks your content and messes up your things on your iPad, computer, and so on, they can help you to get your things right. They also can help you find software bugs and fix them so that the bad hackers won’t be able to succeed at hacking your things. Gray hackers are half good and half bad because they only do what they do for fun. They can do what white hackers do, yet they can also do what bad hackers do too! When they are happy they can do good things to your electronics, but when they are sad or angry they will do what bad hackers do. Black hackers are the hackers we know today. They do this for fun too sometimes! Some people do very bad things because they think it’s fun and so they often end up going to jail. Black hackers fool the system so that they are able to access your iPad and mess a lot of things up. The first step is to use software bugs, so if you find the software bugs before they go in to your iPad you will have a chance to stop him or her. They also access your personal information and use it for their own selfish reasons. So do not think that all the hackers are bad hackers, some of them are good too!

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