That Murder Was History Chapter 2: The Aftermath

The whole school was in a sort of maddened frenzy throughout the next few weeks. Students were buzzing about the murder, teachers were frantically trying to keep things quiet, and parents were demanding that they took the students out of the school for the sake of their children's safety.

Of course, there was a massive media leak, and during the few following days there were journalists and news reporters, all battling it out to get the freshest information.

"That's another one gone," said Mr Wilson, who was temporarily in charge, "I'm going to have a mental breakdown, it's all too much."

"How about you let me take charge?" A smile, maybe just a hint too hysterical, appeared in front of Mr Wilson's face. "No, Yasmin, not now, please." Mr Wilson knew that if Ms Kichigai Inaka was slightly deranged, then Miss Yasmin Dina would have most probably won a Nobel Prize for being "off her rocker", as Principal Cedar used to say. However, she was very enthusiastic and always willing to help. Her smile wavered. "But... why don't you ever let me do anything?" Her voice seemed to disappear at the end of her question as Mr. Wilson confronted her, "Let me ask you two questions, alright? Did you ever get anything done before this catastrophe? Or did you always mess around and never teach the children - the future generation - anything?" Mr Wilson was notoriously well-known for his 'attitude' towards people he believed were inferior to him when he didn’t get what he wanted. Many students were more terrified of him than of Principal Cedar. "Well..." Miss Dina muttered unconvincingly, trying not to submit to the fact that she was generally viewed as one of the "fun teachers" who prepared next to nothing for the classes she taught. "I mean... I suppose I could turn over a new leaf?..." Again, her voice trailed off as if it were the tail of a snake vanishing into the undergrowth. "And I wonder how long that would take?" Mr Wilson sneered.

Miss Dina seemed to be on the verge of tears, and would have broken down and sobbed in front of Mr Wilson had Ms Inaka not have appeared in the room that very instant. "Hey, Yasmin, you want to get a drink?" Miss Dina nodded gratefully and Ms Inaka swiftly whisked her out of the room.