Super Stationery Recommendations

Stationary is a must-have for us school students. It has uses for almost everything; writing, reading, researching, or just simply making our school life easier. This list will tell you what cool and useful stationery you should add to your shopping list next time you walk into a stationery store!

  1. Glue gun - Useful, efficient and even saves money! Perfect for crafts but might be dangerous if not used properly. Let your creativity run wild with the great glue gun!

  1. Decoration tape - This interesting stationary item is very useful when you’re decorating posters, letters, gifts, you name it! These are very similar to whiteouts so you only just need to pull it across the paper like you would normally do.

  1. Organiser - There are many types of organisers. As the name suggests, it helps you be more organised when it comes to your things (unlike me...)! Great for any person who has a lot of items but doesn’t know where to put them.

  1. Poster - Perfect for decorating those empty walls and desks! You can make one by hand or find nice photos and print them out using apps like Pic Collage.

  1. Washi Tape - Another craft tool! This comes in different colours and designs. Go and spice up those plain and boring objects of yours!

  1. Post-its - What's that? You want to be even more organised? Well, these are definitely for you! Stick (NO PUN INTENDED) them on your locker, desk, or anywhere suitable to remind you of your homework (sounds familiar?) or other things you need to remember.

  1. Multifunctional iPad cases - A normal case is just boring, isn't it? Let's face it, a multifunctional one is better, especially those with keyboards. However, pick a sensible colour; remember, this a school environment!

  1. Sharpie pens - These amazing pens are great for decorating, crafts and drawing. These are high quality and there are plenty of different types, too. They could be drawn on almost anything and usually come in a very wide range of colours!

  1. Multi-coloured pen - Ever happen to want to lighten up your crammed pencil case? Then these pens are for you! They can save space, and are not that hard to find!

  1. Pen holder - Pen holders are useful because your pens won’t be scattered everywhere once they're taken out of your pencil case. Use one when you do your homework. (They are not suitable for school use because a pencil case is obviously easier to carry around.)

  1. Creative paper clips - Do your papers and sheets repeatedly fall out of your book or out of place? Paper clips are very useful to stop papers from falling, but plain ones just won’t do, right? Creative ones look way better!

  1. DIY book mark - Sometimes paper clips can be used as bookmarks! You could get a normal paper clip (preferably a bright colour) and change its shape or tie a thin bit of lace or ribbon on top. You could also print out some colour-in book marks online.

  1. Erasable pen - These pens are erasable, so no one will complain about your whiteout being messy or you asking for whiteout! You also don't have to cross out mistakes.

  1. Glow-in-the-dark pen - Make posters and decorate with this pen! Why use a boring one when these cool pens could glow in the dark?

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