ALPS: Adjusting to a New School

Getting adapted to a new environment is always a hard work. But as people live their life, they will have to face a lot of situations where they will have to adjust to a new environment.

In my case, I came this school (BSG) last week so everything was unfamiliar and awkward to me. In Korea, I’ve adjusted pretty well to quite many new environments - I have started new schools, been to different English academies and joined activities like basketball club. And I think the reason I was able to is because Korea is my hometown and there are many people around me who were able to help me. It is easy to communicate and we are all from the same system and background. But here in Guangzhou, especially in an international school, I thought that it would be pretty hard for me to get used to it. The reason is that I don’t know any people, I don't know how the system works, and I now have to consider 3 languages! So, I thought there’s no one who can help me.

However, my prediction was completely wrong. My group is called ALPS and there’s 7 students including me and two of them are Korean students. And they helped me a lot. Teacher told Jenny, who is one of the Korean students, to help me through the first day of my school. So, thank you to Jenny - she is the person who helped me to adjust at the first time. And also, many teachers asked me how my first few days at the school were. I feel quite thankful to everyone for caring about me and for helping me.

On the other hand, when I first came here to take the interview, my first impression of the school was that is was quite impressive. I think it’s because of the school’s beautiful atmosphere that can’t be seen at the Korea local school. there is a lake beside the school and there are a few buildings. All schools in Korea have only one building so that was really unconventional for me. Everyone was also very friendly.

Because of these impressions, I really wanted to attend this school.

So far, I am completely satisfied with my new school, and thanks to this experience, I feel confident I can adjust better in my new environment next time.

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