The What-Coaster?

We’ve all heard about some of the highest, scariest and longest rollercoasters in the world. However, probably the weirdest and wackiest idea of them all has to be the Euthanasia Rollercoaster. Designed by Julijonas Urbonas, this gargantuan, monstrous and intriguing ride could theoretically even kill you!

As soon as the roller coaster begins, it is proposed that the carriages ascend 510 metres at a near vertical angle! To put things into perspective, the tallest rollercoaster in the world is only 140 metres tall. After gruelling 2 minutes, the riders reach the top. At this point, riders now have the option to disembark the ride and go back to the ground safely. Those who wish to stay must press a ‘Fall’ button and until everyone onboard has pressed the button, the ride will not continue. Then, the coaster drops 500 metres at a whopping 350 kmph and enters the loop section. The speed and loops cause the riders to feel 10G’s of force. This causes blood to rush to the lower parts of the body, therefore the brain does not receive oxygen. The rider will fall unconscious and will eventually die.

Urbonas intended this ride for those with incurable diseases and people who wanted to die a painless way. However, this is just an idea and it is probably best that it’s wheels are not set in motion. After all, I am sure that there is nobody ‘dying’ to get on this ride……….. (PUN INTENDED)

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