That Murder Was History: The Blood That Blossomed

It was the janitor that discovered him.

He was there, lying there on the floor, behind his desk, lifeless. His fanciful shirt creases were smothered in his blood. It seemed as though he had been repeatedly stabbed by somebody so full of hatred, of bitterness and contempt. Nobody liked Principal Cedar; he had a reputation of being seclusive and rather grouchy, punishing student after student for minor mistakes - but that didn't mean that anybody hated him enough to murder him out of cold blood.

The knife was still protruding out of his stomach as an arrow would stick out of oak, and some blood was still trickling out of his mouth; slowly engaging with the pool of blood and saliva that had already slithered down to the floor. The janitor wailed, and he heard footsteps, falling loud and fast, down the hallway.

A clutter of teachers congested at the far end of the room - where the door was located.

One of the teachers inquired, petrified to know the obvious answer "Wha- what happened?", and the janitor gibbered something incomprehensible, trembling from head to toe, pointing behind the desk, towards Julian Cedar.

Immediately, an avalanche of people crashed towards the scene; everyone was taking photos of Julian Cedar's corpse, flashes of light blinding one another, touching and leaving their imprint on the breathless corpse, crowding around him as though he was an attraction at a carnival.

Suddenly, a commanding voice boomed, "Police! Move out of the way."

The confused crowd parted as the Boston Police took their places around Cedar’s body. People whispered to one another and exchanged information, predicting the killer before the police could.

"He was stabbed 23 times." The officer declared to his team, after he had finished a close inspection of Cedar. "We have no idea why 23 times. It must have taken a brute to murder this man."

The history teacher, Ms Inaka, who was standing nearby, murmured, "Brute... Brute… Et tu, Brute?... Of course! Officer, Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times, this could be the reenactment of... the famous homicide!”

Murmurs passed to and fro, from teacher to teacher, from officer to officer. Even though Ms Inaka was known for being one of the more deranged teachers, her explanation could still validate as a reason.

"So," The officer said gravely, "To find out who was the murderer, we need to find out who was Brutus in this scene..."