Travelling to MIT is a very exciting event that not every person in the school can experience. Last year, we had 6 of our most creative and outstanding students visit the MIT school; Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston USA. This article hopes to show you what it’s like at MIT, the events that will happen this year, how people felt about going last year and how our students this year are feeling. We hope you enjoy reading about MIT even if you are not attending.


This is a list of some of the exciting events that will happen at this year’s MIT trip:

  • Chemistry magic

  • Science of archery

  • A play about Madam Qvary

And many more fun activities to enjoy if you happen to go to MIT alongside all the other schools that will join you there.

What it is like at MIT:

MIT is in its own universe. The most amazing thing is the events that happen there. For instance, there is a sustainability event that gets you thinking. It is where you will have to do something curious. Perhaps sticking a FULLY FURNISHED living room onto the roof. Or a tractor on top of the building. But what they need to do is remove their ‘art work’ from its corner position within 24 hours. So, at this university it is fun but… it is the best university in the world so it is very difficult to get in so it is probably a good idea not to get your hopes to high. Also, to attend it is a big amount of money that will make your wallet suffer.


These are what two people had to say. One had been before and one is going to attend. These were the questions we asked the person who had attended:

Did you enjoy the trip? Would you want to go again? (We chose Mrs. Wildy to interview as she went on the trip in 2017)

“Yes! It was very exciting and I would happily go again.”

Secondly, we interviewed a Year 5 student who has been chosen to attend, Daniel. We asked him these questions: are you excited? Why? He responded, “I am very excited because I will go to the best university in the world!”

So there you go: the opinions of two different people still share the same thoughts about MIT.

In conclusion, MIT is a fun place, an expensive place but an extraordinary place to visit. I wish all of the participants the best of luck on their trip to MIT this year.