9 Ways to Enjoy Reading Books EVEN MORE!

Reading is an excellent way to relieve stress and to relax. Even if we may find it hard to focus on the book sometimes because of our surroundings. In this BSG Times article, you are going to read some advice on enjoying reading books even more than usual, and how to focus on the book by trying to avoid distractions around you!

  1. How good and relaxed you feel can depend a lot on where you sit and whether you are comfortable or not. Find a comfy chair or grab a bean bag and a few pillows and sink into the bottomless cushion of the seat! 💺

  2. Make sure you are not in a noisy and disturbing place when you want to concentrate on the exciting plot of your awesome story. Get some emergency earplugs if you really need them. That way you won’t suddenly get carried away in overhearing some random conversation.

  3. Every once in a few hours while you are reading, you should let your eyes take a rest and stare out the window and try not to look at any bright lights or electronics. (Yes, I find this quite hard too!)

  4. Also remember that it is always good to look at plants 🌱 because they are said to be good for your eyes. That means that plants are a sight for sore eyes. You could additionally listen to music 🎵 or daydream while doing this so you wouldn’t feel bored.

  5. Read books in the genre that you like so you enjoy reading it. You could go online and do a quiz to tell you what type of books you could like, but don’t just listen to the quiz! It is just there to give you ideas, and keep in mind some quizzes might be inaccurate! I would highly recommend Harry Potter and a lot more! So, if you need ideas, feel free to find me! :P

  6. Make sure you are holding your book about 30cm to 35cm from your face so it is better for your eyesight. That way it won’t hurt your eyes too much. Take a rest from time to time as mentioned above!

  7. If you want to, you could get some snacks, food or drinks to munch on while you’re reading (nom nom 😋), in order to avoid feeling hungry. It seems hard to focus on an exciting plot when you’re thinking about food, right?

  8. If possible, make sure that the air smells nice, not like the carrionplace (hehe, Warriors reference :D SPOILER ALERT 🚨). You could bring in some calming and refreshing plants or a room freshener (make sure it is natural and doesn’t include a lot of chemicals!). I recommend scents of food, vanilla or flowers!

  9. Once you’ve finished a book and start to feel like a big fan, you could join a fan club, (usually through an app) where you can post blogs, follow people and everything! You could also go online and look at any cool photos of the story you read, like posters, wallpapers, OCs, memes or anything else!

  10. Folding the page, putting on a book mark or anything to help you remember the page you finished reading, is a both great way to help you keep track of which part of the story you were on, and also you could do this to mark any cool sentences, words or paragraphs the author used well in the book to help you remember it. After you finish the book you could go back and remember these, because this could help you improve your writing skills! ;)

Bye! That’s for this week, and enjoy reading! 📚