Resolving Problems

Life is not perfect. From time to time problems, big and small, appear in our everyday lives. When we were younger, most of the time we rely on the adults to help us with these problems, but as we grow older, we tend to keep our issues to ourselves and solve them quietly. Often, you are able to deal with them almost instantly, but sometimes it is easier said than done. Ones that are more time consuming tend to become a bother and make you feel anxious and irritated. Some might find themselves unable to concentrate because of their worries. In the end, it all comes down to the confidence you have in abilities and yourself.

When you do come across these type of problems, the first thing to do (or not do) is to not panic. Panicking will only cloud your judgment and makes it even harder to solve the problem at hand. Take a deep breath, and think. By thinking things through and not rush to conclusions, you're more likely to be able to come up with a sensible solution. Once you do have resolution, then you'll no longer be anxious or nervous, and the problem will no longer be a bother.

Another way to solve a problem is to ask for advice from your teachers, friends or family. Although we shouldn't rely on others too much, people close to you will always let you depend on them if you ever do really need the help. It’s always helpful to have someone else’s perspective to think about because everybody thinks differently, so other people might come up with solutions that would have never crossed your mind. It doesn't hurt to have two brains helping you solve a certain problem, so if you run into any, remember that there is always someone who will listen to you and give you useful suggestions.

When all other methods have worked, you could try and take your mind off the subject for a while and think about it later. You can do anything you like, whether you spend some time with your friends, go out and buy some ice cream, or just stay at home and rest for a while doesn't matter. It is all up to how much you enjoy it. When you're all calm and relaxed, you tend to be able to clear that fog in your head and analyse the situation better. Furthermore, this is a method for you to not be so stressed about the situation and forget about it for a while, but it is important to not completely forget about it and procrastinate to solve and acknowledge it.

Solutions to problems vary depending on the situation, but it is always important to try not to stress out too much about it. The methods I mentioned previously are all ways to find solutions and lift that burden from your shoulders, however it might not work for certain people. I'm sure others have different ways of dealing with issued themselves, and might not agree to these methods, but these are the thing that I do that works best for me. Remember, stay calm when you try to find a solution, and you will get one eventually.

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