How popular is slime?

Slime is the latest trend for us young teenagers, but how popular has it really grown to be?

Slime is a popular toy for kids today, as there was a mass outbreak of the popularity of slime this year. Many teenagers and kids buy them for fun. Not only is slime used for fun, but it is also used as a tool for relieving pressure. Many students say that slime is a great distraction from pressures because when the soft and slimy feeling touches the skin, it immediately calms you down. In fact, one teenager said that watching a slime video and hearing its squishy sound helps her sleep! But sometimes people don’t want slime to play with it, they just enjoy the progress of making it. Some people have become famous for making slime and many young teenagers make slime to earn pocket money. The love for slime has grown so much, there are YouTube accounts dedicated to making slime!

This is a famous slime maker. Her name is Karina Garcia. At first, she put slime videos on YouTube, but she never had the slightest idea that it would be as popular as it became! Then she started to make more slime and even wrote books about slime. Well, people got really excited about these too and guess what? She got VERY rich. So rich, she could even buy herself a house.

Anyway, without further ado - here is a recipe for slime… get creating!