Trouser Triumph... 1 year on

I remember first coming to BSG and quite liking the idea of a uniform. This is mainly because I loved knowing that I wouldn’t have to spend 20 minutes of my time everyday trying to plan an outfit that is both decent and reasonable to wear to school. Wearing a uniform made my life easier- or so I thought...

Everything in terms of my school attire was going perfectly well until I started to feel daily discomfort. I tried to find out why. In a lot of my classes, I started to find myself getting constantly distracted because there was this repetitive sensation that was always bugging me. I attempted readjusting my tie, pulling up my socks, pushing back my hair. All for nothing. Then, out of the nowhere, a wave of realization came upon my body as I knew I had just discovered the guilty and righteous culprit. The one causing me to be distracted and uncomfortable throughout the school day. There it was, stuck to my body acting all innocent: my skirt.

Now, at this point I started to wonder, why was I so uncomfortable when every other girl in the school seemed to be perfectly fine with their skirts? Was I the only one? I then began to convince myself that maybe I was just overreacting and that I should just deal with it like everyone else was. However, it then came to my senses that I was forcing myself to be uncomfortable, over a skirt, and it most definitely wasn’t my fault for feeling this way. As time passed, my agitation grew and the topic of girls wearing trousers in school started to come up in the conversations I was having with my peers and close friends. And from this I discovered that I wasn’t the only one who would feel more comfortable wearing the trousers instead.

At this particular moment of time, I felt as if I could make a change for the greater good, as I had discovered that a large part of BSG's female population was for this cause. I was aware of a previous petition that had been passed around school about letting girls have the option between skirts and trousers. The majority said “yes, they should be allowed”, however, this petition unfortunately didn’t follow school regulations. As this occurred, the media club ASA had flourished into what is now known as BSG Times and the words “student voice” kept on playing in my head, which caused me to put my words to paper and write an article about my personal opinions along with others in regards to the wearing of trousers.

Being opinionated does have its cons, as weeks after the trouser article was written I was still contemplating whether we should publish it or not. This continued until one afternoon where Mr. Russell walked in whilst I was discussing my dilemma with someone else and after sharing the concept with him, he was on board! I cannot believe that exactly one year ago today, this soon to be influential article was published. It took a while, but the emotions I experienced when Mrs. McKenna announced that girls could now pick between skirts or trousers made it completely worth it. Some of you may even remember that I couldn’t hold back my joy and squealed during the assembly.

Today, one year after publishing that article, I am really glad to see a few of girls wearing trousers; it genuinely brings so much joy to me. In the grand scheme of things, 50 girls could be wearing trousers, or maybe 17, or 2 or even just me but ultimately the fact that we have achieved something great is what matters, not the numbers. We are providing choices, opportunities, and most importantly listening to our students' voices. I am extremely proud of BSG and encourage people to try their best to express their voices.

Here's what our students think about girls in trousers:

Dickson Wang believes that if girls feel more comfortable in trousers, then they should definitely go for it!

Marlie Greenhill thinks it’s a slight inconvenience to have to go out of our way to buy them and then get them approved as well. Yet she is still glad that we’re allowed to wear them.

Krish Druhve thinks that it’s absolutely amazing to see an idea of gender-equality spread and that trousers should be worn by anybody (including girls) that wants to. However, Krish thinks that girls shouldn’t need to get permission since essentially there is nothing inappropriate/informal/offensive about them. He says that it’s a bold move and looks great!

Erin Huang states that even though she doesn’t wear the school trousers, she was one of the people who believed girls should have the chance to and be allowed to wear them. Erin thinks girls being allowed to wear trousers is a good thing as it proves that our school is supporting equal rights an also gives girls more choices. Even though, there aren’t that many girls who are taking advantage of this choice, Erin says, maybe it’s more about having the option.

Princy Gompa is completely for the idea of girls being allowed to wear trousers in school. In her opinion, they’re forcing us as girls to stick with the traditional way of dressing and she thinks wearing trousers is way more comfortable. She plans on buying trousers soon.

Vasco de Sousa says he doesn’t see a problem with it at all and that if girls want to wear trousers, they should. Whether if it’s for practical or other reasons.

Jazmin Greenhill thinks that every girl should have the option to wear something a little more comfortable and safe, and that it’s fairer.

Kristina Reshetnikova thinks that girls should definitely be allowed the choice and that if a girl feels more comfortable wearing them, she should be given the chance. She states that if anything, it might actually help build up the student’s self-confidence.