BSG Times Kidnapping Publicity Stunt

When the kidnapping of Mr Williamson took place, everyone viewed him as the victim of an act of terror; it is only logical to consider him as innocent because he was the one taken. However, as news began to uncover, it was evident that there was much more to this story than shown. To many witnesses of this event, this was highly unexpected. A common question asked was “Why would anyone wish to kidnap Mr Williamson?”, as he is widely accepted throughout BSG’s community.

With this in mind, finding out the criminals' motive was the first task to uncovering this story. Whilst researching the case, a ransom note was broadcasted, showing us that the person behind the kidnapping did this to ensure that Miss Wildy remained the Head of STEAM.

This could perhaps cause people to label Miss Wildy as the kidnapper - who else would be so adamant about keeping her in that position? However, this ransom note gave us no indication that it was in fact Miss Wildy that created it; it could have even been a fake note. Additionally, soon after receiving the note, a video was sent to us showing Mr Williamson acting aggressively towards Miss Wildy, threatening her position. Some may be able to justify Miss Wildy being the kidnapper even further after this piece of evidence was shown, as she could have simply done it out of fear of what he would do next.

However, this shows Mr Williamson to not be as innocent as people initially thought. As different pieces of evidence came through, there were alternative interpretations for each, which essentially shows that there are a multitude of possible outcomes to this kidnapping. It would be justifiable to claim that Miss Wildy was the kidnapper; this would most likely be the same for Mr Williamson, as there is evidence to support both of these bold claims.

In reality, however, neither was the case. This whole event, was in fact, a stunt pulled by the BSG Times Committee to raise awareness on the importance of perception and of contributing your thoughts and ideas to the BSG Times if we are truly to represent the BSG student voice.

Most students will have a level of awareness of how important the credibility or reliability of a source truly is. The significance of only believing sources with a sufficient amount of validity is promoted even in primary (when students are encouraged to complete any science experiment three times for reliability). This is then continued in secondary classes such as Global Perspectives, where we must ensure the viability of any source before using it to develop our argument. Perception can be defined as “the awareness of something through the senses” and from this we can infer that it is the ability for one to understand their surroundings. One's perception can greatly impact the reliability of any source, which makes the selection process much harder when writing an article. However, even if a source is not entirely credible it is still tangible, as it offers perspective that will help us tackle all given sides of a situation. Moreover, notions such as bias come to fruition when perception is taken into consideration, as our perception is based on our own personal experiences. Despite bias being viewed negatively when researching, individuality is achieved through this; this is because our individual perceptions are subjected to us and no one else. Without perception we would have no reality, everything that we know to this day is due to our own perception of our surroundings.

As a team, our main objective is to publish articles that not only offer a balanced point of view, but ones that are relevant to the majority of our student population. In order to do so, we rely on your input, as it is the amalgamation of individual perspectives that aids us in meeting our main objective: to publish student voice. We are aware of how perception varies person to person; therefore, receiving input from the students of our school will allow us to satisfy as many people as possible. Our readership ranges from Primary to Sixth From, which is why your cooperation would allow us to create articles that meet the needs of all students.

So get writing!

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