What Happens Once Your BFF Transfers Schools?

Have you ever had that sad moment of realization when your friend has to transfer schools? This advice article is packed with information on how to deal with the loss as well as the sadness that comes with losing a friend to another school or country.

3 Guaranteed Things That Will Help You With This:

1) Keep in touch. Getting your friend's email, WeChat account, phone number or any other method of communication ensures you won't gradually forget about them. If you have any time, especially during the holidays, check if your friend's either sent you a message/email or replied to something you may have sent earlier. You should try to call your friend, or answer any calls or missed calls from your friend; I find this a lot better, as hearing someone's voice is another great way to make sure you don't forget them. However, don't get so wrapped up in talking to him/her to the extent where you isolate yourself and forget about the important things in life like your schoolwork, exams etc.

2) Get or make a memento before your friend leaves. Though this can sometimes be a bit painful for both you and your friend, it will certainly help if you want to remember them visually as well as verbally. Mementos can come in all shapes, sizes and forms. You and your friend may want to draw a picture depicting the happiest moment you had with each other. Take a photograph/selfie, make a card for one another, or even make a memorial; the possibilities are endless! I find that flicking through BSG’s Yearbooks time to time is also a great way to remember your BFF. Whatever you want to do, be as creative as you can!

3) If your friend visits you for a short while, make the most of it! Spending as much quality time with your friend as possible before he/she leaves again will stop you both from forgetting each other. If you haven’t seen him/her for a long duration of time, this may be scary for you; however, once you both reunite you’ll feel as if those years became minutes and that they never left! You’ll discover the true value of friendship and feel wholesome when you realize that a person does not have to live in the same country as you in order for you two to be BFF’s. Long distance relationships are hard but they are the true test of friendship.

Trust Me! It'll Help!

If your best friend left in the last academic year or will leave at the end of this one, try these tips, as they will be extremely beneficial for you. The support from your family, neighbors, acquaintances, and friends will also help you greatly. Being in an international school is not easy when it comes to forming long relationships but it doesn’t mean that a friend leaving doesn’t hurt; we’ve all experienced this at least once before so you’re not alone!

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