The Houses Make a Splash!

"Winning isn't everything, but it sure feels good to win.”

Well, BSG has officially held it’s first secondary house competition of the year: the swimming gala! All the houses were extremely anxious to discover who would turn out to be the winner of the very first event! House captains were running all over the place trying to gather all the competitors; cheers could be heard from every direction, as people who didn't even know each other before the swimming gala, were trying to motivate all their peers. Some houses had more wins than others and some had more losses. Despite this, everyone had great fun.

The most exciting part of the day was most definitely the teacher relay. Teachers from all departments came together to provide students with a very entertaining race, during which I think everyone laughed. Every house united when there was a swimmer who was struggling, exemplifying our school spirit and togetherness. In addition to this, parents cheered on their children and teachers looked out for everyone in the tremendous heat that we experienced.

The Year 7-8 winners were the Naughty Normans! The 9-10 and 11-13 winners were the Vikings! The highly anticipated overall winners were the…VICTORIOUS VIKINGS! This was well deserved, as their house had some outstanding swimmers.

Overall, the Vikings were the winners of the first house event of the year! Normans came in second, Saxons in third, and Romans in last. It was very close between the Vikings and the Normans and we’re looking forward to all the house events that are to come throughout this academic year! Everyone did a fabulous job and let’s all look forward to next year!