Primary Swimming Gala (Years 5&6)

It is that time of year again. Backstroke, Freestyle, Breaststroke and Butterfly. Challenging, difficult and competitive, that is exactly what this commotion is all about. Our House Captains, filling out forms and leading house meetings; practicing each stroke in preparation for this day. We swim to win.

It was a bright and sunny morning as we all prepared for the excitement that was to come.

3…2…1… Dive.

Either people were excited or nervous but it was too late to turn back. Everybody was getting ready to race, a wave of sound overcame the football pitch as each house had a group talk. Year 5&6 were ready as the whistle was blown; the first race of the day had begun. With the Romans taking first and Vikings taking second, a battle had begun for third between the Saxons and Normans. They race faster and faster until the Saxons stole third from the Normans by an inch. A few tight races later the water was filled with ripples of determination.


As the scores come in at halftime, the Romans are winning by a storm! Vikings in second, Saxons in third and the Normans in fourth. As Halftime comes to an end, people were getting more excited, however, some were scared too.

It was the last race. Each competitor prepared for the tire relay. Initially, the Saxons took the lead but the Romans increased in speed and took over first place. The Vikings came powering through the water but eventually, the Normans over took the Vikings.

It was over. Time to find out the winning house. In year 5, the Saxons came in fourth; the Romans came in third, with the Normans following in second. This left the Vikings with first! In year 6 however, the Normans took fourth place, with the Vikings in third and Saxons in second- leaving the Romans with first place! And the year 6 results ended up to be the overall score as well! A big well done to the Roman’s for winning this years Primary Swimming Gala!