Urban Maths Trip

uesday, the day before the "Urban Maths" trip. The only thing I was thinking about was what I'm going to do on my very first school trip. For example, "Should I bring money to buy some snacks?", "Does Urban Maths means that we're doing a maths quiz on the canton tower?". These questions continue to fill in my mind until the next day...

On Wednesday morning, 9:00 A.M., the teachers prepared the equipment that we needed and now, we're finally all ready for the trip now (I was so sleepy that I slept every time when we got onto the buses).

Our task was to find anything math related around the canton tower (like finding shapes, the height of canton tower...) and to create a 2-3 minutes video about it.

After visiting the Canton Tower, we went to the Flower City Square, we then we ran through the square to find the answers of each quiz (It will then turn out to be a phone number). From the subway station...to Zoo Coffee... to Fashion Hub...to the history museum. After a hour of rushing, we're tired and sweating (So I bought a drink :D), but we were shocked by the end―nobody won the treasure hunt! It's now the time to we went back (I liked this trip a lot), can’t wait for our next trip!

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