Growing up, we had all been taught to be honest most, if not all, of the time. Honestly is also a big part of gaining trust, friendship and a trustworthy reputation. Lying had always been considered wrong, but sometimes telling the truth is easier said than done. We had probably all had been in a situation when lying is or seems to be the better choice. However, honesty is better than lying in most situations, but it’s all about making that choice of being honest or not.

By being honest, you gain a lot in return. As mentioned above, honesty is a crucial part of earning trust and friendship. When you are honest to others, it is more likely that others would treat you the way you treat them, and not lie to you. This earns trust between you and your peers and builds friendship between your group. Furthermore, by prioritising honesty, over time you would earn a good reputation amongst those around you. This means that whenever you say something that might be hard to believe, but true, people would always believe you. Everyone would always prefer to rely on a person who has a good reputation and is always honest than to rely on a person who is known as a liar. Therefore, it is always important to be honest to those around you.

Lying also brings you many problems. Although, in some scenarios, lying may seem to be the easier way out of things, but it might just break the trust between you and your peers. If you are ever caught lying, it would be much worse than just telling the truth, and it may even cause misunderstandings. Even if no one finds out that you’ve lied, there’s also the guilt. The pressure of the guilt varies from person to person, but it’s safe to say that most of us, if not all of us, feel guilty after lying. Sometimes the guilt might even, eventually, pressure us into telling the truth, but most of the time the truth will resurface after some time. Therefore, lying is not really an easy way out of anything, it’s just a temporary solution. There is also one person that you could never lie to: yourself. You can’t convince yourself that something that isn’t true is the truth, no matter how hard you try. If you lied, you will always know that. This makes lying much worse than telling the truth in most situations.

There are many reasons for you to be honest. However, it is very likely we all had lied before, whether it’s small and obvious lie (e.g. sarcastic jokes) or a more serious and consequential one. As someone who is honest most of the time, I say that being honest will bring you a lot in return. For me, telling the truth lifts a huge weight off my shoulders, and that’s why I like to be honest to those around me. I know that everyone has separate opinions and different values when it comes to honesty, but for me, being honest is one of my main priorities. Being honest might not be easy, but it is definitely worth prioritising

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