Experience of Coming to a New School

On the first day of school, I was very nervous because when I arrived at school they had already started the assembly in the theater and I didn’t know where I was supposed to sit. After the assembly, we followed our form tutor to our classroom. Our form tutor is Ms. Glenn. She then started talking about BSG and gave us a notice that needed to be signed by our parents. In our class, there are more boys than girls, this made me a little disappointed, but it’s actually not that bad. I had thought that if our class had more girls, then maybe I could get a friend more easily. When it was break time, I visited every place I could see because I didn't want to get lost on the first day of school. Though, I had a friend with me, she was in the same school as me last year, I then met another new friend because of her.

My first thought of BSG was that BSG has a lot of differences, compared to the school I was in before. One year ago, I was in an international school. The first difference I noticed was that if you were born in China, you can’t enter the school. Hong Kong and Macao, yes, but not from China. BSG allows all students from any other country to enter as well. The second difference is that in BSG, we only have six lessons per day and one ASA every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, but in my last school we had seven lessons per day, so the time when school’s over is later than BSG. The third difference is that in my last school there was a dormitory. Since I lived in the dormitory, I was never late to school, but in BSG, there are only school buses, no dorms, and my home is very far, so it causes me to be occasionally late.

I’m feeling good about BSG so far and I feel comfortable in BSG too. I have started to talk to my classmates and chat with my new friends. At the moment, I just want to improve my English speaking and writing skills because my mum told staying in BSG and learning here is very expensive, so I must work hard. As long as you try, anything is possible, so try your best! Enjoy your school year!

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