Introducing the 2017-18 SLC

The SLC is an opportunity for Sixth Form students to take on greater responsibilities as well as work closely with teachers and other members of the student body in order to enrich the school environment throughout the academic year. They work as a collective to help enforce our schools core values (respect, responsibility, integrity, commitment and love of learning). Here is an introduction to this year’s SLC!

Head Students

My name is Henk. Recently, I was given the role of Head Student, a role that I am extremely proud to have. Being Head Student means that you represent the student body of the School, you represent the students of BSG and you speak for them, and for me to be chosen to be that representative is a huge honour. However, as a Head Student, I would also like to bring a change into the school, and that is to make the students more aware of the significance of integrity and moral responsibility. In summary, I hope to successfully carry on the role of Head Student like my predecessors did before me.

My name is Neil, and I am one of the head students for this academic year. Having been in BSG for four years now I feel that I have grown and matured a lot since I first came to Guangzhou and it is all thanks to this great school. Being a head student this year means that I will be representing the student body (from the ideas given in the student council) and also delivering speeches on events such as Speech Day. I did not hesitate when applying for this role because I saw it as my opportunity to give back to the school. While in this position, I’d like to encourage maximum student participation in any type of school activity be it academic or sport, and with the new role of leading the student council I would like to represent the student body to the best of my ability. I look forward to a great year in this role.

Head of Learning

My name is Kelly, and I am the Head of Learning this year. As the Head of Learning, it is important for me to promote the core values throughout the work carried out, in order to further the awareness of our students. Additionally, making amendments to improve our learning is one of the major responsibilities I have to undertake. During this academic year, our main focus will be improving Moodle- to make it more interactive and a better resource for our students to use. In addition, we will continue to host the successful projects from last year, such as the Year 6 Transition Day, but with some adjustments in order to convey our message more effectively. This year, we will develop projects that are related to the study skills needed in KS3 and raise awareness of current affairs. Personally, I would like to use this opportunity to develop my leadership skills, whilst contributing to our school.

Chair of Charity

My name is Ju Sung and I was given the role of Chair of Charity for this academic year. The main purpose of this role is to conduct all the charity events across BSG; it requires a lot of commitment as well as responsibility. As the Chair, I need to lead all charity committee and charity leader meetings whilst managing every event throughout the academic year. However, I would like to introduce more off-campus charity events to our school this year and get as many participants as possible. In the past few years, there haven’t been many students involved in charity events; I believe that raising the awareness of a scholastic charity community will encourage these students to participate and perhaps even teach younger students the importance of giving back to the people who need our help.

Head of Communication and Events

My name is Hue and this is my sixth year at BSG. I haven’t ever received a leadership position before, which is why I hold this position in high regards. The position of ‘Head of Communication and Events’ is new to BSG and it entails cooperating with the BSG Times magazine as well as the prom committee. As the Head of Communication and Events, I have two main goals that I would like to work towards: one being, helping the magazine committee in improving the magazine and the second being focusing on getting as many students involved in Prom this year as possible.

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