Confidence: the stepping stones to success

Confident. Something almost everyone aspires to be. Somthing that your teachers and parents always tell you to be. But being confident is not something that you can just magically become overnight… Or can you?

Usually, one’s true confidence tends to be hidden behind their exterior, and the fear of standing out negatively or making a fool out of themselves is the cause of this. But think about it this way: if you’re timid and say something incorrectly, it’ll make you seem vulnerable and easier to prey on. However, if you say something with confidence, even if it may be wrong, it will be harder for people to question your abilities. Appearing confident is the first step to true confidence.

Confidence helps you in practically everything. It helps in giving presentations, meeting somebody for the first time etc. One way in which you could grow confident is by developing a habit of speaking up in a class you know you do well in. This way, you’ll be more comfortable to participate in class and you’ll be more willing to come out of your shell. With time, you might even start speaking up in all your classes, assemblies, and group projects. “Why participate?” you may ask. By doing so, you challenge yourself and provide yourself with a growth mindset, which essentially means that you will be able to learn form your mistakes and improve.

If you’re confident and continue to make attempts at stepping out of your comfort zone, it’ll be so much easier for you to try new experiences. You could try joining an ASA that requires you to present and work with others you may not know. This might frighten some people, as they could feel shy talking to people they don't know, however, having a friend with you could help with this. Confidence is key in life and eventually, you will be able to become the best version of yourself by being confident.

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