The School of YouTube

​In this article I will teach you about YouTube as I am an expert! πŸ˜‰

The types of YOUTUBERs

Vloggers : These people basically film themselves living life. It may seem stupid and boring but in reality is actually really addictive (mainly because sometimes the people are good looking). Bloggers like Alex Wasabi, Logan Paul andJake Paul all have over 5 million subscribers.

DIY: (Do it yourself) YouTubers such as LaurDIY,Karina Garcia,Natalie's Outlet ,etc do crafts such as, phone cases , slime, clothes, etc. It's a very popular community on YouTube , especially for girls.

Gamers: this is one of the most popular communities for all ages as there is a wide variety of gaming for all ages. There is a lot of swearing when it comes to most of the videos especially Pewdiepie... who have 55 million subscribers (followers) mainly being children or young teens. But youtubers such as Gamer Chad, Stampylonghed, and radioJHaudrey, don't swear.

Some other categories are...

Beauty: makeup tutorials and testing products

Study: Academic videos about revision topics

So those are youtubers ...

here are some facts...

  • every minute 100 hours of video is uploaded

  • it has over a BILLION users! That's one-third of all internet users!!!

  • As of 2010, it would take 1,700 years to watch every YouTube video

  • Over 4 billion hours of video (over 450,000 years’ worth) are viewed each month on YouTube

  • 60 million people in China access YouTube although its band.