Marvellous MIT

Accompanied by the amazing Ms Wildy, William Su, Rouyu Yap, Mabel Ng, Siena Piggott, Sabrina Chu and I set off for Hong Kong in the early hours of the 30th of April to begin a long journey to the other side of the globe. Destination: Cambridge, Massachusetts, Nord Anglia STEAMfest 2017. MIT!

We arrived late at night, and the next day came before we knew it. Cue the delicious American breakfast buffet, exciting MIT tours, slime making workshops and intriguing insights in to cancer research-all fitting perfectly in to the timetable before 3pm. And as if that wasn't enough fun for a day, Boda Borg was next up. We spent the evening questing and taco eating, bonding and making friends.

On Tuesday we endured vigorous training to become MIT pirates. It was hard work-fencing, archery, vacuum cannon creating, Capture the Flag-but it all paid off when we beat all 23 other schools and won the Science Trivia Challenge. GO RHINOS! Who knew that knowing about the Immortal Jellyfish would help us win Albert Einstein figurines that could wisely tap their heads?

Wednesday brought more entertainment as our BSG team was split up and put in to different groups to ideate, model and test a carnival game. My team, the pink team, got the 'Best Team Spirit' prize and William's team, the mint green team, won overall.

The next two days passed in a blur. They say time flies when you're having fun! The MIT and Nord Anglia organizers kept us on our toes with a informative Fish and Ships Workshop, innovative Creative Circuit workshop, Chemistry Magic Show, and Marie Curie Performance. We were given countless opportunities to interact with, listen and ask questions to students, graduates and faculty of MIT, and actually tried to understand a bit of rocket science from one of them. We then ventured off to Harvard to explore another one the world's most prestigious universities. There were countless souvenirs to choose from!

We all know that all things have to end at some point, and the British International School of Boston decided we should end it on a bright note. A glow in the dark party was perfect. A jumbled little chaos of dancing, farewells, glow sticks, pizza and laughter, therefore, was what ended our fantastic trip.

MIT was one of the best experiences all 7 of us have ever been through.

#NAEMIT #BeAmbitious