How to improve the trip

This trip to the STEAMfest at MIT was, without doubt, one of the best experiences we have ever had. The list of improvements we thought could be made to improve the trip is down to little things like getting more time in our hotel rooms to refresh, have better weather for our last day, and being mixed up with more other students during activities. The first request is probably a result of the packed timetable, which was filled, second to second, with more and more exiting activities that manage to pull us out of our comfort zones and learn the STEAM way - creatively

Best Bits

Out of the many activities we did, we all had different favourite activities. RouYu's favourites include the science experiments where we made slime because she's never done similar experiments and enjoyed learning about the science behind polymers. Mabel enjoyed experiencing MIT as a whole and collaborating with other Nord Anglia students-it gave her a sense of belonging in midst of a big family. Sabrina's favourite part was seeing the concept of STEAM fall together in the activities where all aspects of Science, technology, engineering, art and maths were used to creatively solve problems. William liked 2.009, where he met new friends and found ways to contribute in teamwork. For me, the best bit was Boda Borg, where we had think, act fast and act accurately to finish quest after quest.

How much we learnt

A very interesting fact about the trip was that even though we were having a lot of fun, new knowledge was also sneaking in to the back of our minds. We've all learnt a lot about the social, historical and physical structures of MIT and Harvard, the great minds behind the world's greatest discoveries, ways of dealing with problems with creative solutions, thinking outside the box, bringing ourselves and our strengths to contribute to projects... A lot of which we can now apply to our everyday lives.

Was it what we expected?

This trip met all of our expectations and exceeded many of our wildest anticipations. The activities, especially, were extremely fun and even more exciting than they looked on the schedule. We had so much to learn, take in and experience.

How appropriate it was?

Another thing we found astounding about the trip was how appropriate it was for all of us, even though RouYu is in Year 5, Alton is in Year 6 and we are in Year 8. There were activities that made us search every last inch of our minds for answers and activities where we could focus on keeping the team together and happy. Every day was a perfect mixture of both.

Overview of STEAMfest 2017

Overall, this trip was an amazing experience we enjoyed immensely. The activities we did, people we met and places we visited really represented and helped us understand what STEAM means. We hope BSG students in the future will have similar opportunities because this trip really widened our horizons. Now armed with critical thinking skills, creativity and the ability to combine both to solve problems, we look forward to sharing these gifts with other students here at BSG.