Parent Perspectives

We all have times where we find ourselves thinking our parents as irritating beings and people we can't stand. Thinking that they can't understand us, that they don't try to comprehend our way of thinking and help us. But every once in a while, it's good to see things from your parents perspective. You shouldn't take your parents for granted. They may have a responsibility to take care of you, but they don't have to. The only reason they're doing so is because they love you and care for you.

Your parents worry, but that's only because they care about you. They may seem to look like they aren't even trying to understand what you're thinking and feeling, but they're trying. Maybe not their best, but that's only because they're busy worrying about your future and your well-being. You also need to understand the things your parents and you worry are very different. For example, your parents worry about if your grades are decent enough, so you have a promising future. But during at that age you might be thinking about the latest gossip or if the TV show you're watching is updated yet. The things you worry about and what your parents worry about are very different. You have to understand that parents don't always have the time and patience to understand you and what you're thinking about.

The best way to lead your parents and you to have a mutual agreement is to communicate with them. But when you communicate with them you must stay calm. Due to the fact that during these kind of conversations both sides can be very easily angered. During the conversation, the things your parent says and the way they sound like they don't want to understand you will definitely irritate you. To what end, is for you to decide. Do not let it get to you. That can be hard, but it's the only thing you can do to get across your message.

To sum it all up, communicate with your parents. Parents will always once in a while irritate you, but that's just a part of family life. Parents are important, there are the ones who most likely to always support you. Appreciate them and try looking at things in their perspective. Don't always assume and jump to the first conclusion you come up with. Sit your parents down and talk to them every now and then to sort everything out. They're maybe the people who love you the most, treasure them, and they'll treasure you too.

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