Nina White Part 5

The next morning, Nina woke up to the soft chirping of birds. She groaned as she turned around in her sleeping bag. Her back was aching and her head was throbbing. Nina had had a restless night, constantly thinking about what was going to happen. She had woken up multiple times during the night due to a mortifying nightmare.

After countless attempts to fall asleep again, Nina decided to get up and go to wash. She gathered her bag from the foot of her sleeping bag, and headed quietly out of the hall. When she entered the bathroom she was overwhelmed by a cool breeze, causing her skin to crawl. "Hello?" She asked hoping that there was no one there but she just wanted to be sure. Hearing no reply, much to her relief, she put her bag down on the counter and went into the shower.

When she got out she wrapped her towel around herself and rummaged in her bag trying to find her clothing. When she didn't find it she looked around the bathroom confused. "I could have sworn is was in my b-" She stopped as she found that her clothing was neatly laid out on on the sink next to her. "What is the world?.." Nina brushed off the thought that someone was there. She got changed and brushed her teeth. When she was combing her hair she froze on the spot because she didn't only see her reflection but also Mercury's! "M-m-Mercury?" Nina breathed barley audible. Mercury nodded. "Can you hear me?" Nina asked carefully moving closer to the mirror. Mercury nodded her head. "Can you speak?" Nina asked. Mercury looked confused at first but the shook her head. "Can you write?" Nina asked again. Mercury nodded. Nina took out a notepad and a pen and went to put it on the sink but something stopped her. "Wait a minute. Can I see you?" Nina asked the reflection, then turned around slowly. She saw nothing. Suddenly she found the notepad floating before her eyes. Nina let out a terrified squeal. On the note pad a message read: Nina, you can't see me unless you believe in me. If you believe that I am there then you will be able to see me. I can't tell you everything that has happened in case someone finds this paper. But I can tell you one thing. Merlin and his sister (your former roommate Olympia) are taking over the school with skilled agents and trained fighters that they hired. I don't know what they planned but they have turned the people's body who they captured into robots and dispose of their soul.

"But this can't be happening! Merlin? Are you sure?" Nina asked nervously. Mercury flipped the page of the notepad and wrote something new. It read: I'm sure. Merlin was the one who kidnapped me. Merlin and Olympia don't bother destroying the souls of their victims because they believe that no one will be able to see us them. Also, once you believe you can hear me talk, I will be able to communicate with you. Oh and one more question, can you see me/ hear me?

"I can see you Mercury. Say something."

"Nina?" A horse voice whispered.

"Mercury!" Nina wanted to hug her friend but knew that it was impossible. "Oh Mercury I've missed you!"

"I've missed you too Nina!"

"Where have you been exactly?"

"Well I've been-" But Mercury didn't get much farther because in that exact moment three other girls entered the bathroom.

All three of them looked as though they had slept in a cave for a while and had no place to wash. "Excuse me Miss? Have you seen Nina White?" One of the girls asked. Her fiery red hair was plastered across her face and her green eyes seemed to be out of focus.

"That would be me." Nina said trying to contain her ever growing smile.

"Oh. Sorry." The red head blushed.

"It's okay. Now, what was it that you wanted to tell me?"

"Oh, um, you are needed in the Grand Hall. The Professors are looking for you."

"Okay. I will go and make sure that everything is okay. Thank you."

"Oh and um, do you know why it is so cold in here?" The red head asked blushing slightly. Nina snuck a nervous sideways glance at Mercury who looked frozen in her spot.

"Um...No. Sorry, must be a heating problem..."

"Oh... Okay. Thank you."

"My pleasure." Nina gathered her things and, after smiling one last time at the red headed girl and her friends, left the bathroom and headed toward the Grand Hall; Mercury staying close behind her.


Back in the Grand Hall, everyone welcomed Nina with relieved sighs. "Miss.White! Where were you?" Professor Perry asked shaking Nina by the shoulders.

"I was in the bathroom getting ready. But you won't believe what I found out-"

"Nina!" Nina was interrupted by a high-pitched scream. Merlin was running toward her and flung his arms around her neck. "Nina! Nina where were you?" He asked pulling away.

"I was in the bathroom Merlin." Nina replied cooly. "Oh and guess what. I met a dear old friend of ours. Mercury." Nina said smiling tauntingly. Merlin looked scared, confused, angry, delighted and worried all at once.

"M-m-mercury!?" He stuttered nervously.

"Sorry what did you say?" Nina asked sweetly flashing him an innocent smile.

"You said you saw Mercury." Merlin said more confidently this time.

"What!?" Nina let out a high-pitched laugh. "Mercury! No, no, no. That can't be. Although I would love to see her again. I really wonder what happened to her..." Nina pretended to be very upset and buried her face in her hands to hide her smirk.

"Right..." Merlin didn't look convinced but dropped the subject.

After a silent breakfast (everyone was much too tired to talk or communicate with each other,) Merlin and Nina were sitting in their Technology class trying as hard as they could to stay awake. "Now, can anyone tell me what this device is called?" Professor H-82 asked holding up a gadget with feigned enthusiasm on his face.

"A gadget?" A boy in the back row replied stupidly, yawning.

"No. Unfortunately not. How about you Nina? Merlin?"

"Huh? Sorry?" Nina asked jumping up in her seat alarmed.

"Can you please tell me what this device is and what it is used for?"

"Oh, right, uh, sorry, um.... It is a.... Mouse?.... A live one? It looks like a mouse...." THUMP! Nina fell forward on the table. Professor H-82 looked around alarmed but before he could react, he slumped forward onto his desk.

One by one all the students in the class passed out. All, except Merlin...

"Sir," A computer voice came from somewhere amidst the gas in the room.

"I have secured the area. My me will come in momentarily to retrieve the people you wanted to question."

"Very good." Merlin suddenly sounded a few years older than he looked and carefully walked around the body's of his classmates. "Oh Nina, if only you knew..."

"My me are coming right now."

"Good. Please take Nina White, Luke Tailwind and Mark Senna. Also have you retrieved Alex Linear yet?"

"Yes Sir." The computer voice replied.

"Very good. I will join you in three minutes at the entrance to the f-" Merlin was interupted by voices that seemed to be nearing the classroom. "I will meet you outside in a moment. I have just one more little thing to take care of."

"Yes Sir." The computer voice replied and then Merlin heard footsteps fading away. Nina, Mark and Luke had already been taken leaving no trace of what had happened...