Deliberating Disney: Underrated Characters

Mama Odie is probably one of the wisest and most beautiful souls to ever accompany a Disney princess on her adventures. Additionally she offers such life perspective changing advice to the characters and also to the young audience through her absolutely marvelous song and explains to them such a precious message which is that you should love yourself no matter what.

Sebastian the Crab is so underrated! He has gone through way too much too save Ariel and to help prevent her from danger and getting into trouble. And what’s even worse is that he has had near death experiences and in the end Ariel always wants even more. Just when we think you poor guy is getting a break, we find out that he has to take care of Ariel’s daughter, Melody.

Jaq Jaq the mouse is a very underrated character you'll recognize him from the Cinderella movie series and the thing is he is absolutely so supportive of Cinderella and he knows how hard she works and that she's had a rough life and he tries to make sure that she gets what she deserves and that she is pampered every once in a while like she should be. He's also protective of her and risks his life many times since being a mouse so small, death can come pretty quickly so the amount of effort he's put into trying to make Cinderella happy is one that we can rarely find in human friend sometimes. Mouse of the year if I don’t say so myself.

Nakoma is both underrated and snubbed! You probably don’t recognize her name because she isn't even that advertised. She is always there to cover up for Pocahontas. Making sure that her Dad doesn't catch her running off. She is very supportive of Pocahontas and is an absolute best friend to Pocahontas.

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