Trouser Triumph or Failure?

Allowing girls to have the choice between skirts and trousers is a huge step forwards to bashing the gender stereotypes in our school. However, now that girls have the choice, why is it that no girls are actually wearing the trousers? We have some concepts we would like to elaborate on with you on why we think this is the case.

When there were petitions, surveys and questionnaires going out around the school, almost every girl seemed to want to enable themselves with the right of having the choice between skirts and trousers, therefore, implying that maybe at some point they would want to wear trousers themselves. Or did they? Maybe the reason that they reason they fought for this right in the first place wasn't actually because they themselves wanted to wear trousers. Perhaps it was actually a case of not wanting to stick out or be different and to kind of go with what everyone else was going for. This connects to the idea of why girls might not be wearing trousers now that they have the choice: maybe because since they don't observe any of their friends strutting around in a new pair of trousers, they don't want to be the first 'isolated' person to try something new - to be the one who stands out from the crowd. The fish out of the water.

On the other hand, maybe the concept of 'fitting in' has nothing whatsoever to do with why girls aren't wearing trousers. Maybe they simply wanted the right to wear trousers if ever at some point they do. Which is still a step to equality. The fact that now girls can choose between these options and have the right to select which they feel more comfortable in and aren't limited to simply one option because of the fact that they are girls.

Hopefully, when the weather begins to cool and we move into winter, some girls will start wearing trousers if they feel the need to and won't feel the temptation to just 'fit in' and follow the crowd. However, if they're comfortable with skirts and simply wanted to achieve a step in the direction of equality, then go girls! It's still definitely a step forward to bashing stereotypes.

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