Compost for Conservation

As part of our series exploring waste management at BSG, I went to explore waste disposal at the gardens. Gardens can be a source of a lot of waste, because if leaves and clippings are burnt in landfill they can release large amounts of carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming. But if you compost it, it goes back to the cycle of natural life. And as we know, in the lush green setting of the BSG campus, there is a vast amount of leaves and natural debris that gets cleared daily by our ayis.

I went to investigate. After wandering around, observing the mass of shrubs and trees on campus, I eventually found a gardener pruning some very bright green bushes that were clearly very well tended to. Three minutes of griping and translating ensued, with much deliberation of the definition of 'compost'. Eventually, I managed to work out that the school does not compost, it instead dumps the waste into green waste bins to be taken away.

So, where does the waste go? The waste is taken to a waste disposal unit, where it is sorted. Depending on where it goes, it could be sold off to compost companies or not. The school doesn't know.

So overall, the school could play its part in composting, but it more than likely doesn't. The problem is that the school takes no responsibility in disposing of its waste so it doesn't damage the environment. In the future, the school should change this so that the compost created is used on BSG plants, and work towards the United Nations 2020 goal of a better environment. Let's aim to work towards being a school that is fully in control and in charge of its environmental footprint...

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