Scared of Secondary - Homework

Many students in year 6 worry about going into secondary because there will be a awful lot more homework! Many secondary students, year 7 students in particular, have told us stories of the extraordinary hours they spend stressing their lives over homework. You might be terrified that you might not have time to finish it or you might not have any more time to have FUN! However, I have spoken to lots of teachers and secondary students and they have told me that all this homework could be managed really easily with these tips.

1. Manage your time

One of the ways is just simply manage your time. Always do your homework the day the teacher gives it to you, because if you leave it until the homework is almost due and there is a problem, you will panic and you won't have enough time to ask for help and then do it. So you still won't finish. However, If you do it on the day that it is set, on some days you will have NO HOMEWORK! Once you get home from school chose a hour or two to do your homework. And make sure you use this time wisely. Which brings us to point number 2...

2. Set the scene (and don't get distracted)

Get yourself comfortable, but not too comfortable that you fall asleep. Unless you need your iPad or books to do your homework, DON'T take them out! Sometimes you may want to get a snack or two whilst you are working, but don't spend too much time snarfing down treats when you should be doing homework. If music helps you, then put some on, but just remember not to spend more time choosing whether to listen to Katy Perry or Taylor Swift or One Direction instead of doing the work!

3. Don't Stress Out

Even if you have too much homework, you still need to be happy and have fun... and get enough sleep, and you won't be able to do this if you are stressed out. I spoke to Mrs Walsh about this and her advice was think about how much time the homework will take you. Start to do it, but if you find that you are going to need more time to complete it then you need to email your teacher. If you have used your time wisely and are not just making an excuse your teacher will understand and will try to help you.

4. Use Your 'Secondary Diary KS3'

Once you get to secondary, you will have a diary to help you record your timetable, merit points, events and lots of other useful information. The most useful information is writing down your homework and when it is due. So I suggest that you always have it with you when doing your homework. You can then cross it out when you are finished.

So now you have these tips, remember to use them wisely!