Nina White: Chapter 4

The next day followed without further interesting events. Apart from the usual routine of Professor Manner flirting with Professor Florence in the hall between classes, nothing happened. Today Nina was rather excited for the school day to end because at 5:02pm she had martial arts / weapon training. Nina was training in two double sided spears. The times at this school were very precise. As soon as Nina entered the fighting hall, the light went out. "Oh no." Nina muttered. Her thoughts instantly went to the strange 'Marble Monster' Merlin had mentioned yesterday. She thought it was 'Monster' because that was the only logical thing it could have been. She waited, and waited, and waited but nothing happened. After about half and hour, the lights went back on. They were only temporary emergency lights but they were enough for the other students Nina was learning with, to practice.

When the Colonel entered, he was amazed to see all his students combating each other with such ferocity that they had never before displayed in his presence. "All right class. I am very pleased to see that you have improved. Your determination and ferocity had increased dramatically and I am, to say the least, proud. You have shown me that you are actually capable of learning something and applying it to the best of your ability. Now, I want you all to get into groups of three and the exercise will be two against one. It is important for you to be able to defend yourself, and attack, even when you are outnumbered. Go!"

Nina was in a group with a younger girl named Natalia and an older boy named Luke. Natalia was training in two swords and Luke in twin katanas. Nina was going against Natalia and Luke. They were both relatively good but Nina, having gotten more experience in her weapons and having used them and trained with them for longer, had the advantage. "You need to try and block my swings." She was constantly telling her opponents. "Okay. You guys attack and I will only defend okay?"

"Are you sure?" Natalia asked unsure.

"I'm sure. Don't worry. I'll be fine. Now, you just try to attack me, as hard as you can, and I will only defend myself okay?"

"Okay then." Nina got into her fighting stance and her opponents did the same. Then, they began attacking Nina and trying to get the upper hand, but to no avail. "Guys, you need to try harder!" Nina put emphasis on the last word trying to get her point across.


During dinner, Nina was reading a book, everyone was just eating or others doing something different, when Merlin burst in and ran to the headmaster's table, fell to his knees panting and said-just before he fell unconscious,- "Robot...assassins...attack might know..." And with that he fell backwards onto the floor.

"Merlin!" Nina screeched and ran to help her friend. Nina cradled Merlin's head in her arms.

"Alright! Listen up! All of my black belt students come with me that is Nina, Mark, Alenya, Luke, no not, and Alex." Those student followed Colonel out of the hall gathering their weapons from him in passing, Nina reluctantly but after Connor-one of Merlin's classmates-reassured her that Merlin would be fine, she also got up and ran after the other students and Colonel.


A little while later, all the students were all gathered in the Grand Hall again. It had turned out that it was all just a false alarm. It had just been a dumb prank from one of the fifth years who found it funny to terrorise the other students. They were all being punished very severely. But just in case, the headmaster had decided to have all students camp out in the Grand Hall for that night. Not all students were very pleased about it but even the most reluctant children eventually agreed that it was for their own good and safety. "Tomorrow, classes will continue as normal but you might be taken out of your usual class for a special program. I can already say that Ms.Nina White, Mr.Mark Senna, Ms.Alenya Mourner, Mr.Alex Linear and Mr.Luke Tailwind will be attending this special program. Those of you who do attend this program, will be sorted into three different groups: the Tactical Education, or TE, group, the Technical group and the Help and Recourses, or HR, group. Those of you who are willing to assist in healing or First Aid, please come to my office first thing tomorrow morning after breakfast. I kindly ask all teachers to not scold anyone who is late or must be excused from class immediately. Thank you. Now please everyone get a good nights rest. Oh, and also, breakfast will be postponed to an hour later."

"But Sir...Where is Florence?..."

*Somewhere in a hidden part of the school*

"Be quiet foolish woman! Or I'll make sure you won't be there to save when someone comes for you!" A man in a black cloak said pushing Professor Florence roughly to the ground.

"Release her Spike."

"But sir you said-"


" Yes sir."

"Oh. And make sure that she is not able to tell anyone what had happened. And don't let her escape."

"Yes Mr.Mer- I mean My Lord..."