How to Cope with Stress

Do you find yourself: constantly procrastinating? Always being paranoid about almost everything? Easily irritated or angered? Becoming incredibly aggressive? Being tense all the time? Continuously tired? Not being able to sleep? These are all symptoms of stress. Stress can come in all kinds of amounts and severity, but no matter how big or small, stress is stress. It can affect person to a point of insanity. Here are some ways of coping with stress.

One way is to take care of yourself, stay healthy. To do this you could start eating healthy, well-balanced meals. For example, a meal which includes protein (Milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs and etc.), carbohydrates (Ice cream, fruits, bread, rice and etc.), fiber (artichokes, peas, broccoli, blackberries and etc.) and good fats (Avocados, dark chocolate, fatty fish, nuts and etc.). To stay healthy you must exercise regularly as well. Exercising helps reduce stress because, logically saying, if your body feels better, your mind feels better too. When you exercise, your body produces endorphins, chemicals that are basically natural painkillers in your brain. Endorphins also helps improve your ability to sleep - which reduces stress as well. Sleeping more allows your body and mind to rest more, releasing the stress and tension of your body. Make sure you're not pushing yourself too much, so that your body can recover and you would be able to slowly learn to cope with the stress.

Another way to cope with stress is to talk to others. To confine in somebody else. Share your problems. Tell them how you are feeling. By doing this you can feel your stress has decreased incredibly. When you tell someone about your stress, you feel like a weight has been lifted. This is due to because you're no longer dealing with this stress alone. You're sharing it with someone else, so they can bare a bit of the burden for you. Or they will relate you and you won't feel so lonely. All of this just tells you that you're not alone. Ask for help. Sometimes that can be hard to do, to have courage to ask someone if you could just talk to them and complain to them for awhile. Just let it all out, bottling it up will just make it more stressful and harder to deal with. Also, due to extreme stress, people could snap at any moment. The longer you keep your feelings inside you, the worse your snapping moment is going to be. You would randomly lash out at your closest friends and family.

Lastly, the best way to cope with stress is to give yourself a break from everything. Rest after doing a work for awhile. Do something that eases and occupies your mind. Do something you enjoy. Doing something that you enjoy will help distract you, and relaxes your mind because you're not thinking about anything except for what you're doing at that moment. Or just rest more, clean out your head, sort through your thoughts. Try to do something that relaxes you. A lot of people use meditation or yoga as a technique to relax and reduce stress. It eases your body along with your mind. Also, don't worry too much or think about unnecessary things. Worrying won't get you anywhere. Do everything you need to do quickly and efficiently, but allow yourself to have breaks in between. If you really can't relax during the process, rest afterwards. Organizing your day or creating a schedule would also help tremendously. When you have all your time planned out, you'll be able to learn how to manage your time better. Giving yourself breaks - no matter how short or long - the point is that it's there.

Stress will always be there, but it depends on you if you can make it less of a pain. Keep yourself healthy, talk to other people and give yourself breaks. Don't be so hard on yourself. Push yourself, but not too much. You will never get rid of stress, but you can always learn to cope with it. The only reason sometimes stress is so hard to deal with is because you either don't acknowledge the problem or you're not allowing yourself to adapt and deal with it. Learn, and make your life easier and less stressful.

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