Anxiety, what is it?

How do you get rid of it?

Why do people have it?

These are the questions I am about to answer.

Anxiety is a big problem lots of people face. In fact, one in eight children suffer from anxiety. I myself suffer from severe anxiety like separation so I can't have sleepovers because I don't like leaving my parents and growing up makes me anxious.

Anxiety is basically when you overthink something. Take, for example, you're in a bad storm. I mean you're in the house safe and sound, any other person would just think it will pass soon but, people with anxiety think otherwise. A million things can rush through their brain and they'll most likely come to the most ridiculous and worst possible outcome like, 'what if this is like Noah and the ark?... What if the whole world is going to flood?...I am going to drown.... that's how I am going to die' .

So basically that's what anxiety is but there are different types:

  • Separation Anxiety - when a person is afraid of being separated from family e.g parents

  • Social Anxiety - when a person is afraid of the outside or talking to other people

  • General Anxiety Disorder

  • Panic Disorder - when a person has panic attacks for pretty much no reason

  • Agoraphobia- when a person is afraid that they won't be able to escape a situation or have any help

  • Phobias- general things someone is scared about and make up the worst possible situation in your head

Now there is different medications doctors can prescribe to help. Anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of. I told all my friends and they understood and in my opinion if you have anxiety you should tell people so if you have a panic attack, they'll know what to do. Therapy is an option but for me it made it worse it. It made me think I had a problem that had to be handled by someone with a certificate. My parents got me a therapist in year 7 and once a week she'd pull me out of class and talk about my anxiety but it made my anxiety worse. Over the years my anxiety has improved and now if my parents go out I don't have a massive anxiety attack. Getting rid of anxiety can be easy or hard. For me, it's a matter of time and for others it's medicine. But you just have to figure out the best way for you. Sometimes if I have a panic attack I watch YouTube or TV and it calms me down or I talk to a friend.

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