It's everywhere.

My face, my hands, my legs,

My eyes.

It dripping.

Sliding down my cheeks.

I can no longer feel.

I only know.

Know that it's there.

I don't want it there.

It'll only remind me of,

Of what I've done.

Just go away.


All this blood,

I can't handle it.

I want it to go away.


Vanish, perish, evaporate.

Just be gone.

My eyes widen.

The blood keeps dripping,

From my eyes.

Bleeding from my tear ducts.

This is wrong.

I'm not crying,

I'm bleeding.

I no longer remember,

Remember why I'm,


All I know I'd that I've,

I've done something.

Something terrible.

I look in the mirror.

Blood is everywhere.

All over me.

Bleeding, dripping, sliding.


It looks so wrong,

And yet it looks so right.

That's right all this blood,

It's mine.

I deserve it.

I did it.

I killed her.

I killed my daughter's mother.

I killed my husband's wife.

I killed my mother's daughter.

I killed my brother's sister.

I killed,


She's gone.

I only left a shell.

A hollow shell.

Nothing inside.

The blood taking everything out.

She's gone.

I sat up.

'It was just a dream.'

I tell myself.

I got up to go to the bathroom.

I look in the mirror.

I scream.

The blood is back.