Lost - Chapter Two

Wandering out into the cold, outside world, she began to realise what a horrible idea it was to leave her mother's fur coat on the hanger. She trailed her bare feet in the snow, shivering in the piercing, polar weather. Looking up, she realised just how late it was. A full moon hung in the darkness that was the sky. It illuminated the stars around it, making it almost...sparkle. Eleanor furrowed her brow. She wasn't exactly the most "out-going" person in the world. Of course, she would've loved to run outside in the wheat fields but it wasn't a matter of choice. But even so, she was pretty damn sure moons weren't supposed to shine like that. It's own light reflected on itself, making it emit a silvery glow. So caught up in the absolute confusion of the shining moon, Eleanor didn't realise the ditch in front of her. She didn't realise anything until her foot cracked against a stone and she tumbled forwards. Yowling, in both pain and fright, she found herself falling. Dark, damp, walls surrounded her as she fell. The mud stained her already frayed night gown and tore at her hair. She scraped her knees and grazed her hand until she realised that the walls were... "...smooth?" She mused to herself. Willing herself to open her eyes, she found her fingers grazing against the icy surface of...well...ice. The sandy, mud covered walls were morphing into clear, frost covered walls of ice. And Eleanor should've been cold. She should've been freezing. But she wasn't. For some reason, her fingers touching the ice weren't cold. She was actually warm. And as it came, Eleanor spoke too soon. As soon as the thought, "warm" came into her head, she felt the hole widen. And then, she plummeted into arctic waters. Eleanor's eyes widened as she was engulfed with the freezing water and she desperately clawed her way up. Water swirled past her fingers and sent bubbles racing up to her frozen neck and her numbing face. She didn't know how to swim. She kicked, with overwhelming fear, as she saw black dots evade her vision. A small glance downwards, it was confirmed how many people died here. Frozen, frost covered corpses decorated the ground. Panic began to raise up her throat and she began to kick even more desperately. She almost felt her skin begin to freeze. With a huge, shuddering gasp, she broke free of the water and flailed her arms forward, clutching the land beside her with relief. Clambering out of the water, she collapsed on the shore beside it. Warmth seeped into her limbs and she sighed, sinking into the sand beneath her.

Wait, sand?

With a jolt, she sat up. At least, she tried to, before she realised just how stupid it was and turned over to see the sand grazing her back. Yes, it was sand. She ran her palm over the grainy, soft surface and let the sand trickle between her fingers. She lay there, content and smiled lazily. This was what her siblings would call "the beach" although the sand seemed to adjust to her liking. It was soft enough, but not too soft, warm enough, but not scorching. She was sure that the spoilt twins didnt get to enjoy the luxury of ever changing sand. And then, she looked up. A ceiling of ice greeted her. The ice trailed down until it halted into a messy stop and began again. But instead, it wasn't ice. It was bush of brightly coloured leaves and vibrant flowers. The flowers glowed with personality and let off a sweet, sugary aroma. Then, the leaves and flowers began to melt into the soft sand she was laying on. On the other side of her, tall, looming trees with thin trunks and frail branches swayed. Their orange, maple leaves fluttered down before almost melting on the sandy floor. Eleanor smiled. It seamed as if everything had a place. And this, was her place. It was place where people like her needn't be afraid of danger. Until... ...she saw the boy trapped in a block of ice, a look of horror on his face