Fandoms (Pt.3)-Fanfics and Crossovers


Us: Yeah! Fanfics and crossovers! If you're a creative writer, you'll absolutely love this topic! There are so many fanfics out there that it's become fan-tradition!

You: What's a fanfic?

Us: A fanfic is a story with is tied with a certain topic. This topic is usually popular book series, but fanfics of games are also found. It can be a continuation of the series or it can be a whole new story with the same character. This is also where OCs can be found. Of course, it can also just be a short story if you aren't a superman-like author who has the time to write ten novels in a month. Ok, maybe not that super, but you get what I mean. You might find some fan slangs in fanfics, and guess when we'll be introducing that ;)

You: Right.... Crossover? Explanation please.

Us: Did we cover this yet? No? Okay. Crossovers are fanfics that include TWO OR MORE different fan series in one story. This is sometimes difficult! This is because stories have different rules and characters. Sometimes they just don't go together. Of course, this is the perfect opportunity for people in multiple Fandoms to be creative.

You: Where can I find fanfics or crossovers?

Us: Where people find everything these days; the Internet. For example, you can find all kinds of fanfics and crossovers on....

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These are both very notorious webpages.

Disclaimer: *(make sure the fanfic/crossover is age appropriate!)*

You: Okay... I'll be off reading :) What's next for the series?

Us: FAN SLANG! Ever been so frustrated when words like, canon, otp? Well we're going to compile a FAN SLANG DICTIONARY!!! Of course, we wouldn't be able to find every single slang term... Comment down in the forum if you have any other questions, or take a visit to the Urban Dictionary! Google things!

You: Right! I'll be ready to click ASAP!

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