Year 7 Art Excellence

March 21, 2017

Here are some excellent examples of the Still Life Research Homework Project that Year 7 have just completed.


They researched artists Paul Cezanne and Guiseppe Arcimboldo and made studies of their work, their second task was to complete a piece of work in the artists style and then chose a second still life artist to research. This was teamed with the task of presenting the whole project and writing about the piece of work. 


Yumin Lee, Study in the Style of Arcimboldo


Alex Ling 7B Artist Study of Cezanne



Alex Ling Still Life Study 7B



Heejoo Son 7D Artist Study


Heejoo Son Artist study and own drawing in the style of Arcimboldo




Kathryn Wen 7B Whole Project




Yumin Lee 7B Arcimboldo Artist Study


Yumin Lee 7B Artist study



Yumin Lee 7B Front cover








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