Charity ASA: The official BSG cookbook

Charity Team (from Left to Right):

Top: Candy Wu (10A), Cici Tsui (10B), Angel Lee (10C), Trixinne Silangan (10A)

Bottom: Tiffany Chen (10B), Audrey Chen (10A), Jessica Tanchone (10C), Rachel Moon (10B)

The Charity ASA are very pleased to tell you that currently, we are making an official BSG cookbook: "Cook This, Not That!" It contains various recipes given to us by the school community, from the students, teachers, to the parents, who’ve kindly submitted their recipes at: Along with the recipes is their own story behind the recipe, for example which country it comes from and why they’ve made that food, which are bound to be incredibly fascinating! We also asked for them to include a picture of them with their finished product ^_^. We did this to create a platform to share recipes from different families and to raise money for Hopeful Hearts. At the moment, we have a total of 7 submissions, and we would love to add yours as well! So get cooking!!