My dear angel,

The one that is beyond my grasp.

The one that stands leagues above me.

The one that shines so bright,

It blinds me.

Why are so you so far away from my reach?

Your wings white as snow.

Bright as the sun.

Unlike mine.

Red as blood.

Dark as night.

Your eyes blue,

Like the sea,

Reflecting the stars.

So different from mine.

Red as roses,

Dripping with the blood of my enemies.

The golden hoop that hovers above your,

Beautiful, white-haired head.

Countering my crimson horns.

I cannot keep you safe.

You belong in the sky,

Watching over the people.

I have to stay below the ground.

Torturing the ones that deserve.

I am sorry.

We cannot be.

Us doesn't exist.

Us mustn't exist.

This line,

We cannot cross.

Goodbye shall be our last words.

A farewell,

Our last exchange.

It is time.

Our time of separation has arrived.

I hope we will meet again.

In another life.

Another purpose.

Everything will be different.

We will be happy.

This is the end.

So long,

My love.