Nina White - Chapter Two

After the incident in the corridor, Nina was sure to stay in bed all night no matter how tempting it was to get out and roam the halls by moonlight. She didn't know why but something drew her to the moon and the darkness that surrounded it. Something seemed so soothing and calming about roaming through the deserted halls. She knew that she didn't have to fear waking up a roommate because her former roommate... She sighed thinking about what happened just two weeks ago. Since then, Nina was all alone in the two-person room.

One particular evening, Nina was wide awake as ever. Nothing special had happened during the day so Nina should have actually been able to sleep very well. But she couldn't so she quietly got out of bed and headed over to her desk. She turned on the light and began working on the essay that was due in five days time on marine life. Nina was actually a very good student since she often stayed up late doing homework that was due in a few days time. "Marine life is very valuable because...because..." Nina banged her head on the titanium metal desk. "Come on brain think! Why is Marine Life valuable!?" But the answer didn't come to her. And the longer she thought about it the slower her brain worked and her eyelids became heavier. "No!" Nina moaned. "Not now!" But she couldn't resist it. Her body needed sleep this evening and there was nothing Nina could do to prevent it.

Slowly Nina drifted off to sleep. It could only have been anout five minutes when...CRASH!! Nina jumped up. What was that!? CRASH!! There it was again! Nina rubbed her eyes and stood up. She cautiously made her way to the door. CRASH!! What was going on! CRASH!! Nina was really getting frustrated now. CRASH!! Without further hesitation, Nina ripped open the door and stormed into the hallway only to find half of the other students already there along with all the professors. At the end of the hall, Nina saw the silhouette of the figure she saw the previous night...


At breakfast, Mercury was nowhere to be found. Even after lunch there was no sign of her. Nina and Merlin began to worry. "Merlin?" Nina asked suddenly.


"Do you think...What if...What if the Black Stranger took her."

"Who is the 'Black Stranger'?" Merlin studied her face expression cautiously.

"What do mean who is the Black Stranger! The one who caused all the ruckus last night. I overheard Professor H-82 telling Professor Florence that this wasn't the first time that the Black Stranger was sighted on school grounds. Apparently he has a reputation of striking multiple times every two years."

"Hmmmmm... I wonder how Professor H-82 knows its a 'he'."

"That doesn't matter! What matters it finding out what happened to Mercury and where she is."

"I don't know. I just thought it seemed suspicious... And anyway," Merlin added hastily, "I've heard that the Black Stranger works very secretly. The chance of us retrieving her are none. Besides, we should get to class. We have Tactical Education first and we don't want to get on the Colonel's bad side."

'Typical Merlin.' Nina thought. 'Always trying to be the teachers pet. Even if he was the worst in class.'

"Alright." Nina sighed, exasperated. "Lets go then." Grabbing one last chocolate muffin she grabbed her bag and ran out the hall in order to keep up with Merlin.


The Black Stranger struck again about two days after his previous assault. Nina was once again sitting at her desk completing homework for the next week. Nina was a very good student on account of her sleepless nights. She never lacked any sleep because her body never needed much sleep. She heard a noise. CREAK!! Nina's head spun around at record speed causing her to cringe in pain. "Ugh!" Nina groaned. "Why does this stupid stranger always have to cause me injuries!"

"Maybe its because you were too foolish to realise what is going on and act sooner." Nina turned around and found herself facing...