Lost - Chapter Three

Eleanor was as sure as anything that her face mirrored the boy's. The sight barely was beautiful. It wasn't like in the movies where the frozen protagonist magically transforms into beautifully, slender ice statues. No, this boy was frozen from the inside out. A wisp of icy breath was caught in the giant cube of ice with him. His lashes were firm with unforgiving ice and his lips were a horrifying shade of cobalt blue. His warm cacao eyes were glazed with what Eleanor believed was a thin sheen of frost. And his skin...oh...his skin! He was already unnaturally gaunt, but the pale blue that dusted his skin made him seem even more ill. Eleanor was afraid that if he was ever freed, his thin, twig like arms would snap clean in half. But Eleanor...well...she almost felt as if she had to free him. She knew how it felt to be trapped, metaphorically of course. And the dark haired boy in front of her was quite literally trapped. And yet... Eleanor sighed and sat up. Dusting the sand off her frock, she carefully edged forwards to the boy. In her mind, her plan was to bring her hand up towards the ice and claw her way towards the boy. A pathetic idea, yes, but what better one did she have? Besides, she reasoned. Ice can't be that hard to break. Alas, she was wrong. When her hand came in contact with the ice, she felt nothing. Just the rough, yet smooth exterior of it. And then, it came all at once. Like fire it burnt her fingertips, and in the time of which she recoiled, she had felt the ice steal it's way into her veins. Her arm felt paralyzed. She felt it coil it's sinister body into her brain and her head throbbed. She stared, horrified, at the ice. Her eyes watered as she cradled her left hand. "Well, how on earth am I supposed to get to him?!" She remarked.

Her voice echoed, eerily, in the silence. The place didn't seem so nice anymore. Rather, the place seemed cold and hostile and deceptive. Eleanor wished she was able to rid herself of the image of the boy, but she knew that she just wasn't able to enjoy the luxury of the paradise, knowing that what happened to the boy may well happen to her. To put it simply: Eleanor was scared. After the horrifying experience with the ice, Eleanor made sure to steer clear of the giant ice cube. Yet, her fear didn't deter her from saving the boy. She had tried to pry an icicle from the wall, but the cold stung her bare hands and the ice melted into nothing when she dropped it. Additionally, Eleanor was already getting colder, the sand no longer a protective haven of warmth. She curled her hands around her arms. She felt goosebumps. Needless to say, Eleanor was getting quite annoyed. After all, she had just run away, fell into a paradise and found out that it wasnt much of a paradise at all! And now, company had arrived in the form of a frozen boy. She couldn't even unfreeze him! The gears in her head clicked and she abruptly stood up. Unfreeze him. She repeated to herself, silently. She crouched down, scanning the ice. And sure enough, a small sheen of it was placed strategically underneath the frozen boy. Eleanor grinned and mused to herself. "Everything has a place here." She knew how to save him.