The air is pure and fresh,

The water is clear and calm.

The blossom


gently and beautifully on the hard cement,

leaving no track of the ground, just the light pink blossoms.

The orange and red maple leaves spread evenly on the bright green grass in Autumn.

I feel free.

I feel like I can breathe.

I feel safe.

I’ve spent ten years of my life in Canada,

I have many friends that I could spill my thoughts onto.

In Canada it rains a lot, as soon as winter arrives, you can tell by the thick snow.

Canada is famous for cherry blossoms and maple leaves. The people in Canada (or at least most of them) are kind.


They are also very famous in Canada ( for breakfast ) especially with maple syrup.

As soon as I set my foot on Canadian ground, I feel very proud to be Canadian.