Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard

Anyone can betray anyone - Julian Jacos

In no background whatsoever I was guided to this book: it was a random name which appeared in another book, Me before you (comprehension came to me when I realised it was another book). Originally, it was reserved for another student (how unpopular), but I borrowed it in the condition that I will return it in a week. How was I so glad as I devoured the book! My expectations was not failed, instead exceeded. The previous unknown book has filled me with wonders and jolt, capturing me deeper and deeper.

The quote you've seen earlier has a peculiar owner. Julian Jacos is silver by blood ( a royal house), but has a heart of gold. His sister Coriane's death has made him a sad but wise man, the person he loves never able to speak again and his sister murdered but never acknowledged. He guided Mare on her powerful but nonetheless dangerous fight for power, which they were both victim of. None has recognised Julian for his bravery, so I shall, here in this review, thank him for his contribution. As you can see, I'm very much caught up in the story, so apology if the characters seemed too real.

The truth every reader have to face is that well-written sad scene are the energy to go on. No one leaves at a cliffhanger. Mines is the big plot twist, when Maven betrayed Mare and left her in the Bowl of Bones. I devour fight scenes, relishing the blood spill. Victories are the dessert after the lavish dinner, designed to please the taste buds. My heart was constantly held hostage, gripping at the tense scenes.

Absolutely breathless the plot left me; yet every time I came back for more. This is the definition of a true page turner, no middle ground endorsed. Either you never picked up the book or you never place it down. I normally doesn't care about cliffhanger, but this almost drove me crazy. It's almost scary.

If you are a true fantasy/thriller fan, you could not miss this book. A deadly drop which even a roller coaster could not describe. Mix between Hunger games and Divergent, my two favourite book in this genre, this is a definite 10 out of 10 for this genre. However, there is blood involved in this book (as you saw in the image) Now if you excuse me, I'll go and read the King's Cage.